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Zayn To Spill HIS Side of Perrie Edwards Breakup Story & Talks 1D Fanfiction

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Zayn Malik’s autobiography is hitting bookshelves in less than a week and something tells us it’s going to be extra juicy.
Zayn has a lot to say about the 1D fanfiction he’s come across over the years, but that’s not the only thing he’s spilling the dirt on in his autobiography…
Even though his highly anticipated autobiography coming out in less than a week, Zayn decided to give fans a sneak peek at what they can expect when they pick up his book on November 1st. The singer shared a couple of excerpts from his upcoming book on Wattpad, and of course, one of these exclusive Wattpad passages has to do with his thoughts on One Direction-related fanfiction.
Zayn shared QUOTE, “When I was still in One Direction, fans would write stories based on me and the other lads and publish them online. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty unnerving reading things about yourself as a character from somebody else’s imagination – but it’s cool to see that so many fans engaged with the band on their own terms like that. It’s crazy to think that we inspired so many different stories and the opportunity for so much creativity from so many people over the world. My favorite stuff, personally, is fan art. I love seeing how many different ways people interpret my lyrics and my style, and it’s so cool that they share that with me. It’s also weirdly touching to see how many talented people out there choose to apply that talent to something connected with me and my music. It’s really humbling.”
The singer also revealed that the Beatles inspired some of the tracks on his album ‘Mind of Mine.’ But enough about 1D fanfic and the Beatles, let’s get into some of the more juicy details. According to reports from The Sun and Daily Mail, Zayn’s autobiography will reportedly talk about his relationship and breakup with none other than Perrie Edwards and include his side of the story.
With less than a week away, we’re DYING to find out what Zayn possibly has to say about his relationship with Perrie. Especially after all of the breakup bombs Perrie dropped in Little Mix’s recent book.
What are some things you’re hoping Zayn will address and talk about in his book? Sound off in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News! Thanks for hanging with me, I’m Miriam Isa and I’ll see ya next time!

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5 thoughts on “Zayn To Spill HIS Side of Perrie Edwards Breakup Story & Talks 1D Fanfiction

  1. As a zayn stan, i need to say this:
    (P.s sorry for my bad english)

    Yall sayin when perrie talked about the break up, zayn stans say “omg
    she’s, making a scene.”
    No. we dont. She has the right to talk about her life. And the fact that he
    dumped her via text is a rude and i do feel bad for p. But when we said
    she’s creating a scene, we were talking about the song. Not that she
    revealed her story. Yall need to chill. Both of them moved on. Lm fans
    fighting with zayn stans doesn’t make any difference.

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