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Zayn Reveals How He’s Changed Since Leaving One Direction

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No doubt it’s been a major year for Zayn Malik. The former fifth member of 1D has been in the media more than ever before with a solo career that truly took off this year, a brand new autobiography, a super hot girlfriend, hashtag goals, and even more recently, a brand new collab with Taylor Swift for next year’s highly anticipated Fifty Shades Darker.
So of course, everybody wants to know what’s the latest and greatest from Zayn, who’s gotten more and more candid about life after One Direction. In an interview on The Elvis Duran Show, Zayn revealed that he’s far less stressed now that he’s solo, saying QUOTE “When I was in the band, there were times where I needed time away to go see my family and recollect my thoughts. But right now, I feel like I have the time to process things, and I’m doing things in my own space, so it’s a good place to be in.”
We know that Zayn has had issues with anxiety, so honestly, it’s really great to hear that he’s feeling pretty good about life right now. Especially considering the fact that he’s gotten a lot of negative press after leaving the band behind, and moving forward solo, which was a big factor in writing his tell-all autobiography.
So obviously, it’s not all bad blood and perhaps the press has added a lot more drama to the overall story. Obviously we don’t want to hear that some of our favorite guys still have issues with one another. It hurts our directioner hearts… But now I want to hear from you. What did you you guys think of Zayn’s interview? Sound off in the comments below and then keep it here on Clevver and check out our Galaxy Body Paint challenge on That Got Weird, and of course, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. I’m your host, Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys soon.

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5 thoughts on “Zayn Reveals How He’s Changed Since Leaving One Direction

  1. delete this fucking video I don’t need bandwagon haters putting their two
    cents in. this was 5 seconds of his interview and this is what you focus
    on?? y’all ain’t shit

  2. u can see his disappointment on how he is treated nowadays and everybody
    saying he is so ungrateful for past years with one direction.

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