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Zayn Collabs With M.I.A ‘Freedun’ – Justin & Sofia Romantic Date Night (DHR)

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Zayn drops a new collab with MIA and Justin & Sofia are getting closer. All this on today’s Daily Hollywood Rundown.

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5 thoughts on “Zayn Collabs With M.I.A ‘Freedun’ – Justin & Sofia Romantic Date Night (DHR)

  1. 0:39- Sofia and Justin’s relationship going strong (TMZ video)
    3:09- Zayn and M.I.A collab (First listen to their song)
    4:45- Rihanna expresses her love for Drake (insta post, on stage PDA,
    Riri’s tattoo)
    6:28- Demi’s tweet
    8:40- Misty asks if you like her hair 😂 and if u like Zayn’s new song.
    Erin asks what you think about Demi’s tweet
    ~~Hope this helped :)

  2. Erin & Misty, you look amazing in your outfits. Here are my thoughts on
    today’s episode. First, I think that Justin and Sofia were just having a
    casual night out. Second, I’m sure that fans of Zayn will enjoying seeing
    him collaborate with M.I.A. for her last album. Third, I’m sure that Drake
    was happy to see Rihanna’s thank you message to him. Fourth, it is shocking
    that Wilmer would hook up with an old flame, but Wilmer & Demi have moved
    on in their lives. To answer your final questions, Misty, I do like your
    hot cross buns, and i’ll have to listen to M.I.A.’s new song, and I don’t
    think Demi was directly tweeting about Wilmer. Have an amazing Labor Day
    weekend. #Clevverettes

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