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Zayn Admits To Keeping a 1D Shrine On His Wall & Explains His Met Gala Look

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In an exclusive tidbit via Teen Vogue that’s out from his new book which is creatively titled ZAYN, we are getting some MAJOR insider details. Like this super feelzie moment when Z says: “I can honestly say I’m proud of a lot of stuff from the One Direction days. I’m not sure people realize that, but I am. I’ve got the memorabilia – the platinum discs we received with every album – all over my house. I have a wall dedicated to displaying them. One Direction was an incredible experience in its own right, and it’s a part of me, an integral part of my history, and I’m never going to deny that aspect of my life.”
See, what did I tell you, he’s living that shrine life and you know what, HE SHOULD! 1D is and was one of the most successful groups of all time and he should be proud. He’s also still stoked on that futuristic look he wore to the MET Gala with the gorgeous Gigi Hadid explaining that QUOTE “It was a bit of a risk as it was so out there compared to what I’d worn before, but I decided I didn’t care and the fact that it raised a few eyebrows was all part of the fun for me.” And where did he get his style in inspo? Mortal Kombat obviously. Very, very cool.
I don’t know about you but I’m dying to cuddle up with some hot cocoa and read this book which is avail for pre-order and will officially be out on November 1st – perfect for a holiday gift, I’m just saying. Were yall surprised to hear that Zayn has a 1D shrine in his casa? Let us know in the comments below and hey, if you have shrine, tweet it to me @joslynDavis cuz I’m dying to see it. Plus you gotta click here to subscribe to Clevver News so you never miss a beat. Thanks for hanging and I”ll see you soon!

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5 thoughts on “Zayn Admits To Keeping a 1D Shrine On His Wall & Explains His Met Gala Look

  1. He didn’t want to be in a boyband, but he’s glad he has all those memories.
    He knows he wouldn’t be where he is without that phase of his life. Pretty

  2. he never wanted to be in 1D based on the comments below, but i believe this
    is to show he respects what he did there? idk

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