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Why Big Bang is Basically the One Direction of K-Pop

Big Bang is the biggest group in Asia and they’re now becoming an international sensation. They actually sell more tickets per concert than One Direction! Never heard of them? You’re not alone.

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5 thoughts on “Why Big Bang is Basically the One Direction of K-Pop

  1. This video gave me a migraine. Bigbang was slaying before 1D was even on
    X-Factor. Ugh, they deserve better than this.

  2. Why do westerners think that their culture is the dominant culture? Sure
    western culture is popular but seriously, it’s not something everybody in
    the world revolves around. Stop fucking making it seem like Big Bang is
    like a western music’s group. Just because they aren’t white doesn’t mean
    they are trying to be like another group. Plus, Big Bang actually make
    better music, and overall have better performances than five (now four)
    crackers who legit stand like statues and spit water to the crowds.

  3. The two groups are nothing alike. 1D are popular because they sing
    in English but for bigbang they don’t need to sing in English to be
    popular and plus they just had worldwide tour which attracted 1.5 m alone
    last year including US. majority of fans don’t even understand a single
    word they sing and still buy their album, download, streaming. So I would
    say Bigbang is more popular then 1D. Sorry 1D fans.

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