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Viner Amanda Cerny EXPOSES LeLe Pons In Major BFF Feud

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Vine star Amanda Cerny publicly ends her friendship with Lele Pons after some seriously shady behavior.
All of y’all are about to re-evaluate you best friends after I still this tea. Just yesterday, Viner Amanda Cerny announced on Twitter that she is OFFICIALLY dumping her former BFF, LELE PONS. LELE is the most followed girl on Vine and apparently had it out for her former best friend seeing that she would delete photos AND videos that were doing well on Amanda’s personal socials behind her back.
Amanda posted a blog post explaining that six months ago she noticed her most popular instagram posts as well as youtube videos were mysteriously being deleted…
She explained QUOTE: Lele Pons was supposed to be my best friend… Then I began to notice my photos being deleted, my videos being deleted and my account being put on private so no one could follow me. I immediately blamed The social media platforms and wouldn’t even think it was her. This was happening to me nonstop until August.”
Recently at a barbeque, things started to click for Amanda. She continued on her blog writing QUOTE: we were all playing a fun game of charades and I see Lele get up as I’m telling a joke. I look over my shoulder and see Lele on her phone snapchatting and then realize wait… That’s my phone. Take my phone back and my photo was deleted. So I knew it was her at that moment it all made sense.”
Amanda then confronted Lele, who eventually came clean… The very next morning when Amanda asked Lele about the situation she replied by saying QUOTE: ‘No way we are best friends I would never do that.’
Amanda then said QUOTE: She came up to my apartment later and I asked her face-to-face and she looked like she was lying and I demanded the truth from her. She admitted to it all. She would even be by my side when I would realize my things been deleted and comforting me saying, ‘Oh my goodness good thing I’m here and we are such good friends I will help you with this.’ So manipulative.”‘
Lele apparently told fans that Amanda deleted her videos first and that is why all of this started but Amanda fired back saying “she’s lying to all of our friends saying how sorry she is for what she did and then going and doing this? She is still trying to ruin me LOL for no reason.”
Amanda is also going HAM on twitter retweeting everyone that is showing her support on social media like this photo that was captioned Shame on you @lelepons !!! What you did to @AmandaCerny is soo insane!! #TeamAmanda
While Lele hasn’t spoked out directly on the matter, she has been busy posting messages that seem to be about the drama like this tweet that reads “People will only bring you down when they have nothing to bring them up -my little cousin”
Hmmmmm, all seems very shady to me… I can’t believe Amanda and Lele were BFF’s and Lele really had it out for Amanda the whole time… DRAMA. Watch your back, kids.
Most importantly I do what to know what all of you are thinking about the internet drama. Who’s side are you on? Can you believe this is a real thing we’re talking about? Let me hear it in the comment section below, then click right here to watch an episode of beauty break with GRACE HELBIG!!! I’m ryland Adams, thanks for watching, see you soon!

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