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Twitter Reacts To Fifth Harmony’s FIRST Performance Without Camila At 2017 People’s Choice Awards

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The Harmonizers have spoken and, well, there are some mix reviews about Fifth Harmony’s performance last night at the PCAs.
It seems as if half of the Harmonizers just aren’t ready to embrace the group as a quartet. But nonetheless, Normani, Lauren, Ally, and Dinah Jane made their debut as a four-piece on Wednesday night at the 2017 People’s Choice awards and their fans are all feeling some type of way about it. While the girls sounded incredible as per usual, some of their fans couldn’t help but feel as if something was missing from their performance — a little something by the name of Camila Cabello.
One fan tweeted QUOTE, “#FifthHarmony really sound like shit without @camilacabello97. I mean, I love them, but damn what is going on right now. #PeoplesChoiceAwards.” While another fan just said it simply doesn’t feel the same without Camila.
Some Harmonizers were a bit indifferent towards the girls’ ‘Work from Home’ performance. One Twitter user wrote QUOTE, “Well, not that bad, but not buying tonight’s performance. Maybe they were super nervous. I’ll wait for the next one.”
And another simply made an observation about Fifth Harmony’s performance look by saying, “Ok so no shade to #fifthharmony, cuz I love them, but they look like they’re entering the edgy phase after a bad breakup.”
But of course, their performance didn’t get horrible reviews from Harmonizers. One fan approved of Fifth Harmony’s performance as a four-piece by saying, “Major step for them. They slayed that performance tho.” Another wrote, “TBH I LOOOOOOVE @FifthHarmony MORE now that they are only 4.” And another fan just couldn’t help but love every single thing about their performance. They said QUOTE, “The dance, the harmony, the outfits, LAUREN’S VOICE!! It was the best fucking way to start off the new year and the new Fifth Harmony!”
See what I mean about mixed reviews?
What did you think of Fifth Harmony’s performance without Camila? Did you love it or hate it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Our new show Completely Weekly makes its debut this Saturday, so make sure you also use that comment section to let us know what YOU think we should talk about and use the hashtag My C-W Topic. When you’re done with all that jazz, click right over here to check out seven of the best moments from last night’s People’s Choice Awards and don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News. Thanks so much for hanging out with me, I’m your host Tiffany Taylor and I’ll see ya next time.

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5 thoughts on “Twitter Reacts To Fifth Harmony’s FIRST Performance Without Camila At 2017 People’s Choice Awards

  1. The thing is it’s not because Camila left, they just need more work even
    when Camila was there, especially Normani and Dinah when it comes to
    vocals, they just can’t sing that good live and Ally in stage
    performance/dance moves. Because now I feel that Lauren just stood out from
    the group, just like Camila before, what I’m trying to say is they are not
    a tight group, that’s it, the music is amazing, but when it gets to live
    performances they need work and I really think they can do it with or
    without Camila, they just need work, because of course now Lauren will
    stand out because the others are just not that good live. I like fifth
    harmony and I just want them to have success, but I think they need to work
    on things

  2. Tbh I LOVE fifth harmony and I love their performance last night but I get
    where so people are coming from like I’m also sad that Camilla isn’t in the
    group anymore but the can SLAY just as well without her

  3. At first I’m a reviewer not a fan. So I drop my pink glasses and write as a
    neutral person 😉
    The dancemoves of the 4 girls were insane, Lauren nailed it but the other
    three seems hypernervous (Ally tried to sing high-notes what not really
    works, Normani seems breathless a couple of times and for clearance, these
    both were my crush. I love them). Nothing about Dinah Jane? There was
    nothing to critizice but Lauren – wow – and she looks superhappy after the
    performance backstage. The smile was the happiest I’ve ever seen from this
    girl 🙂
    I think it needs time to accept that Camila goes solo. Time will see when
    the 3rd album will be released.

  4. I think that The Most part of The Harmonizer weren’t following the group,
    but instead they were following Camilla. And I don’t get a thing, Camilla
    can go on with her carreer and slaying everywhere She sings, but The rest
    of The 5harmony can’t do anything whithout The ex component, I think they
    were awsome Even without Cabello

  5. There so good these Camilla fans need to go sleep under a rock ,it was her
    damn decision at least they still went on because some groups just leave
    and never come back.they stayed and slayed that’s what matters

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