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Top 10 Movies you Missed this Summer

Top 10 Great Movies you Probably Missed this Summer

Best movies of the 2016 summer blockbuster season that flew under the radar and that most people, including you, probably missed. WatchMojo presents the best films that were criminally underrated, but definitely deserve your attention. But what will take our top spot? The dark and tense shark thriller The Shallows, the hilarious buddy film The Nice Guys, or the masterpiece animated film Kubo and the Two strings. Watch to find out!

00:51 #10. “Popstar Never Stop Never Stopping” (2016)
02:06 #9. “The Neon Demon” (2016)
03:07 #8. “The BFG” (2016)
04:08 #7. “Captain Fantastic” (2016)
05:10 #6. “Swiss Army Man” (2016)
06:24 #5. “Florence Foster Jenkins” (2016)
07:25 #4. “Hell or High Water” (2016)
08:29 #3, #2, #1 ???

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Movies you Missed this Summer

  1. I freaking loved the nice guys. Too bad the trailer at my movie theatre
    showed all the scenes, the movie was like watching a big trailer I already
    knew what would happen next because of the trailer 🙁 still liked it

  2. this is why most movies these days are just remakes, reboots, and sequels.
    Even bad ones make a lot more money that good original movies. Can’t wait
    to see “Fast and furious 17 geriatric vengeance” or “Ghost busters deal
    with it” a re-re-reboot with a LGBT cast

  3. I didn’t liked swiss army man, I was looking forward to that movie since
    the trailer although the soundtrack and very few moments were pretty good.
    The ending sucked

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