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Top 10 Devious Gold Digger Characters in Movies

Top 10 Devious Gold Digger Characters in Movies

This list looks at gold diggers in Hollywood movies, the kind of people that are just in it for the money, often but not always younger women married to old men.

00:34 #10. Chris Wilton
01:41 #9. Beverly BarishBurns
02:43 #8. Carly Bobby
03:48 #7. Meredith Blake
05:02 #6. Most of the McTeague Family
06:06 #5. Lord Barkis Bittern
07:04 #4. Linda Partridge
08:05 #3, #2 and #1 ???

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Devious Gold Digger Characters in Movies

  1. Corrine Foxworth from Flowers in the Attic, though her gold digging is more
    sucking up to dad who had disowned her rather than marry a rich husband.
    The reason why she’s sucking up to her father is because her husband that
    she ran off with (and is the reason for both being disowned) died, it takes
    place in the 1950s, and she now has to provide for her four children. So
    she takes them to her parents house, hides the kids in an attic, and over
    the course of three years starts to care less about them. Even her father’s
    will said she will only inherit the money if she never has children.

    Also Corrine’s father disown her and her husband because they were
    half-uncle and half-niece. Same father, two different mothers.

  2. Since you put Marylin Monroe, you could of added Betty Grable and Lauren
    Bacalll since you did show How To Marry A Millionaire which is one of my
    favorite classic films.

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