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This Selena Gomez Instagram Photoshop FAIL has Fans Freaking Out

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Selena is the reigning queen of Instagram, so why did her glam squad feel the need to photoshop this pic?

Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo is always sharing photos of his superstar clients like Karlie Kloss, Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez.

The makeup artist recently posted a photo of Selena’s makeup look and new lob haircut while working on what he called a #SecretProject… But fans quickly noticed that the wall in the bottom left corner was warped… a sure sign of photoshop.

It appears as though pic was altered to make Selena’s hair look more voluminous, which is relatively harmless… but still seems totally unnecessary.
Hung wasn’t the only member of Selena’s glam team to post the photo. The “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” singer’s hair stylist Marissa Marino and nail artist Tom Bachik also shared the pic.
Amidst the backlash, it appears that Hung has deleted the photo from his Instagram account. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if he reposts the unedited image as some fans have requested.
So, what do you think? Are you glad Selena’s makeup artist deleted the pic? Let me know in the comments below! And then click right over here to see who was Best & Worst Dressed at last night’s PCAs on Dirty Laundry and be sure to subscribe! Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your girl Tiffany Taylor and I’ll catch ya later!

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5 thoughts on “This Selena Gomez Instagram Photoshop FAIL has Fans Freaking Out

  1. is this seriously a world problem right now ?! adults these days always
    shaming our “generation” (00’s kid) for living their lives via social media
    where as I’m over here studying for collage/uni hoping to get a career in
    life where as those that do are focused on pointless stupidity like these.
    I never even heard about a stupid Photoshop until this was on my feed

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