It seems when celebrities aren’t doing their thing in the limelight, they’re busy doing something else that will lead to them returning to said limelight as swiftly as possible. Whether that’s talking extensively about tiger blood or working on their next project depends on the celeb in question and

Top 10 Bafflingly Dumb Celebrity Side Projects

Everybody needs a hobby, even famous people. After all, they can’t just do the one thing that earns them millions upon millions of dollars, day on and day out, without some variety to keep their lives interesting. Some celebrities have turned their hobbies into legitimately respectable second careers. Michael

Top Famous Pakistani Celebrity Siblings

14 Famous Pakistani Celebrity Siblings When it comes to siblings, there is an inevitable love-hate relationship that persists. Your sibling is likely to be your best friend and partner in crime! Similarly, our Pakistani celebrities have delightful siblings too; aren’t you curious to know who they are?! We have an exciting