9 Questions We NEED Answered Before Pretty Little Liars Ends

More Celebrity News ►► All right PLL Army, while we anxiously await the final episodes of the Pretty Little Liars series, as we know it lets play catch up shall we? There are still so many mysteries swirling around Rosewood that we still need answered! so right now lets break

Pretty Little Liars Emison Spin-Off In The Works?

More Celebrity News ►► Where my Emison fans at!? Could we possibly get more Emison with a possible new PLL spin off? I can’t even handle my life right now! Alright PLL army, I’m going to give you all the scoop I know! Marlene King, the Executive Producer of Pretty Little

10 Times Pretty Little Liars BLEW Our Minds

More Celebrity News ►► Ok, PLL Army, this show has literally been the life and death of us for six in a half seasons. We have laughed together, we have cried together, we have basically become low key FBI agents… and yet this show still seems to blow our minds!