5 Fan Theories About Jack’s This Is Us Death

More Celebrity News ►► For fans of NBC's 'This Is Us' Jack Pearson's death has been a mystery since episode five. We know he died when the Big Three were teenagers and that Kate isn't ready to talk about it yet but not much else—and it's killing us! But die-hard

13 ADORABLE Pet Videos To Help You Unwind

More Celebrity News ►► In need of a quick pick me up after a long a stressful workweek? Look no further because we're breaking down 13 of the most adorable pet videos that's sure to give you life. For More Clevver Visit: Keep up with us on Instagram: Like us on

Kylie Jenner’s Fans SLAM Her After Posting These Instagram Pics

More Celebrity News ►► Alright friends, let’s take this one thing at a time. FIRST up, KJ took to her Instagram to post some semi scandalous photos of herself topless; smoking what seems to be a joint. The photos were takin by her photographer friend Sasha who regularly snaps the

Khloe Kardashian Documents The Removal Of Her ‘Tramp Stamp’

More Celebrity News ►► In the wise words of Kim Kardashian, “never put a bumper sticker on a Bentley”, and it seems as though Khloe is learning that the hard way… It’s the end of an era for Khloe Kardashian who fully parted ways with her beloved “Daddy” tattoo located

Lorde Teases New Music in Cryptic New Zealand TV Commercial

More Celebrity News ►► The add is only 15 seconds long and shows Lorde eating some snacks while enjoying a ride on what looks like a bus or a train while piano music plays in the background. The ad ends with the dates 3/2/17 NYC along with 3/3/17 New Zealand.

5 Celebs Under 15 Who Are Going To Be HUGE

More Celebrity News ►► Move over, Gosling, Aniston, and Pitt. Young Hollywood is heating up, and they sure are bringing on the talent. New faces — and very young faces, we might add — are showing up in some of the most popular movies and shows, and we have 5

Pretty Little Liars Emison Spin-Off In The Works?

More Celebrity News ►► Where my Emison fans at!? Could we possibly get more Emison with a possible new PLL spin off? I can’t even handle my life right now! Alright PLL army, I’m going to give you all the scoop I know! Marlene King, the Executive Producer of Pretty Little

Celebs OUTRAGED Over Trump’s Removal of Bathroom Protection For Trans Students

More Celebrity News ►► During Obama’s era, he issued a protection over transgender students by making it a requirement that public schools allow transgender students to use the restrooms and locker rooms that corresponded with their gender identities to protect students from bullying and discrimination. However, Trump decided to get

Kylie Jenner Reveals NEW Kylighters & Fans Are Already Going Crazy For Them

More Celebrity News ►► Kylie made the official announcement on snapchat on Wednesday revealing that Kylie Cosmetics will be launching six different shades of Kylighters by the names of Banana Split, French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Cotton Candy Cream, Strawberry Shortcake, and Chocolate Cherry. Take a look: Swatches have been made, wallets