5 Times Celebs ENDED Or Walked Out Of Interviews

More Celebrity News ►► Doing interviews is just another part of the job when it comes to being a celebrity, but when a celeb is asked an invasive question, things can spiral out of control faster than you can say Justin Bieber. So today we’re breaking down 5 times celebs


======================================================= Welcome to MY channel. Number 6. My Spidey senses are TINGLING! Andrew Garfield isn’t looking like a leading man or a superhero in this shot from the red carpet premiere for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Good thing Emma Stone wasn’t by his side for this one… though from the looks of

Jennifer Lawrence Explains Why She’s Rude & Won’t Take Selfies With Fans

More Celebrity News ►► Jennifer Lawrence explains she is “really rude” to fans and why she definitely WON’T take a selfie with you! J.Law is unapologetic about her new personality trait: rudeness. ‘Passengers’ star Jennifer Lawrence is known for her constant truth bombs. Weeks after Jennifer revealed she’s QUOTE “scared of her

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt LEAVE Interview After Awkward Sex Question

More Celebrity News ►► Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt leave a radio interview after an awkward sex question! You know you’ve gone too far... when Jennifer Lawrence thinks it’s inappropriate. As you probably know, Christ Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence have been on a major press tour around the world for their new

How Jennifer Lawrence Got The Best Advice From Shirley MacLaine | People

Iconic actress Shirley MacLaine remembers a younger Jennifer Lawrence as an actress and the advice that she gave to the budding star, during her Jess Cagle interview. Subscribe to People ►► Stay on top of all the latest celebrity gossip - Scandals, news, rumors and more: Celebrity love, romance and relationships

Jennifer Lawrence Apologizes For Offensive Sacred Rock Butt Scratching Story

More Celebrity News ►► Jennifer Lawrence apologizes for scratching her butt with sacred Hawaiian rocks... J-Law recently told a funny story about scratching her butt with some rocks, but in the process the actress offended some native Hawaiian people... It all started when Jennifer went on the Graham Norton Show and told

Recasting Friends (Chat Show)

More Celebrity News ►► We love the cast of Friends – But have you ever thought about which character you’d play? Or even better what celebs would play each role if the show was remade in 2016? Right now we’re doing just that. Don’t get upset, of course we love

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt ‘Passengers’ Trailer Highlights

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