Fifth Harmony OVER ‘Fake’ Camila Cabello (Completely Weekly)

More Celebrity News ►► On today’s BONUS episode of Completely Weekly, we’re breaking down the feuds of the week including Britney Spears vs Katy Perry, Justin Bieber vs The Weeknd AND Camila Cabello vs Lauren Jauregui. THUMB: 5H promo photo, Camila Cabello crying HOSTS: Vivian Fabiola @vivianfabiolav Ryland Adams @ryland_adams Erin

Machine Gun Kelly Defends Camila’s Split From Fifth Harmony

More Celebrity News ►► As the feud between Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony continues, fellow “Good Things” collaborator Machine Gun Kelly has weighed in on the drama, and only has ‘good things’ to say about her. So let it be known that Camila will always have the full support of MGK,

13 Shocking Celeb Onstage Mishaps

More Celebrity News ►► Celebs prep for hours upon hours before a big event, but we’ve learned that sometimes, you can never really prepare enough for the unexpected. So right now, we’re about to share 13 shocking celeb onstage mishaps right here on Listed. 1. Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake 2. Adele 3. Selena Gomez 4.

Shawn Mendes Gets Flirty with Chloe Moretz & Camila Cabello

More Celebrity News ►► Chloe and Shawn kissing in a tree… oh wait Camila what are you doing here? Don’t you love fall? The leaves are falling, and so are Hollywood’s biggest stars... for each other! Alright, so let me break this down for y’all. As you may or may not

Demi Lovato SLAMS Lovatic Fan Art – Camila Cabello Shades Demi?

More Celebrity News ►► Demi Lovato was less than pleased with a piece of fan art that made its way through Instagram featuring her body with unrealistic proportions, and you bet she’s having the last word. So it’s safe to say that if Demi Lovato’s body had a say, it

Camila Cabello Returns To 7/27 Tour After Leaving Mid-Set Due To Anxiety

More Celebrity News ►► Don’t worry you guys, Camila is feeling much better after Fifth Harmony’s show in Missouri. She’s back on stage and is doing better than ever. After a crippling anxiety attack that forced the singer to leave Fifth Harmony’s Missouri show early, Camila put everyone’s mind to