12 Celebs & Their AMAZING Alter Egos

More Celebrity News ►► Some celebrities just have too much awesome to be contained by a single person—or at least a single personality. When that happens, you know it’s time for the celeb to create a killer alter ego, and boy are there some pretty wild characters… so right now,

5 Times Adele Proved She’s Beyonce’s Biggest Fan

More Celebrity News ►► We’ve got 5 times Adele proved she’s Beyonce’s biggest fan- right here on LISTED! 1- Rolling Stone article in 2011 talking their meeting/ 2011 interview 2- 2015 Beats 1 interview, cleared up rumor she turned Bey down 3- Lemonade came out, Adele worships Bey on Instagram 4- Calls Beyonce

8 BEST Moments From 2017 Grammy Awards

Everybody could use a boost of luck from time to time. When in doubt, why risk it? Learn more at More Celebrity News ►► From Adele’s big wins to Beyoncé’s growing humans gracing their presence during the Grammys, we’ve got a lot to discuss, so hang tight, and maybe try

Beyonce Set To Perform At The 2017 Grammy Awards

Brought to you by Intuit TurboTax with live, on-demand help when you need it. Relax, there's TurboTax. More Celebrity News ►► Guys, this is not a drill--Queen Bee is officially performing at the Grammy awards, and It’s only been a day since Bee broke the internet with the news that

Beyonce Announces She’s PREGNANT With Twins

Brought to you by Intuit TurboTax with live, on-demand help when you need it. Relax, there's TurboTax. More Celebrity News ►► YOU GUYZZZZZ THIS IS NOT A DRILL BEYONCE IS PREGNANT WITH TWINS! Just when the world needed a beam of light in some dark times, Beyonce announced she is

5 Celeb Wax Figures Gone HORRIBLY Wrong

Today’s episode is brought to you by the Un-carrier. Introducing T-Mobile One. All unlimited. ALL IN! Celebrity News ►► Think again. Madame Tussaud’s museums are world renowned for their celebrity wax figures, but they don’t always have us seeing double. Just this week fans were outraged at the injustice

8 Celeb Kids Who Starred In Their Parents’ Music Vids

More Celebrity News ►► Being the child of a celebrity has it perks. You get to do things regular people only dream of doing like travel the world, hang out with celebrities or star in a cool music video! So, with that being said, here are 8 celebrity kids who

Beyonce Gives Surprise Performance At Her Own Company Holiday Party

More Celebrity News ►► Beyonce’s record company, Parkwood Entertainment, just held their Holiday Party and it was LIT! So our invitation to the party was lost in the mail, but luckily we have plenty of attendees who gave us a glimpse inside. Jealous! On Thursday night, the Wilshire EBell Theatre in Los

Did Rihanna SHADE Beyonce Over 2016 Grammy Snub On Instagram?

More Celebrity News ►► Did Riri shade Beyonce over a grammy snub? Not so fast, Beehive... Riri recently liked a fan’s Instagram post that claimed she was snubbed by the Grammys in favor of Beyonce, and Queen Bee fans are not happy about it... The 2017 Grammy nominations were only revealed yesterday,

Best Live Celebrity Fails Ever, Most Embarrasing Celebrity Mistakes

Best live celebrity fails ever, the most embarrassing celebrity mistakes on stage. Celebrity fails, falling off stage, dropping mic and caught lip syncing. Celebrity live fails on stage and in front of thousands. Celebrity fails and mistakes, best and most embarrassing celebrity fails and mistakes. Taylor swift, Justing Bieber falls

7 Amazing Onstage Fan Moments

More Celebrity News ►► Going to your favorite singers concert is about as close as some people will ever get to their favorite performers, but if you happen to be EXTRA lucky you get to be THE chosen one at a concert that the star chooses to interact with, so

13 Shocking Celeb Onstage Mishaps

More Celebrity News ►► Celebs prep for hours upon hours before a big event, but we’ve learned that sometimes, you can never really prepare enough for the unexpected. So right now, we’re about to share 13 shocking celeb onstage mishaps right here on Listed. 1. Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake 2. Adele 3. Selena Gomez 4.