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Shawn Mendes REPLACING Justin Bieber? (Chat Show)

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Shawn Mendes is gaining a lot of traction, while Justin Bieber is notably starting to anger fans. Is it possible that Shawn Mendes is REPLACING Justin Bieber?

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5 thoughts on “Shawn Mendes REPLACING Justin Bieber? (Chat Show)

  1. Justin is going down so bad he is so rude to his fans I can’t even think
    that he could ever be a good person but Shawn is killing the game he treats
    his fans better 😏 than Justin but I definitely don’t like Justin so please
    no hate but I’m a huge Shawn Mendes fan and I hate Justin so much
    If your going to hate go somewhere else you can’t change my mind or ruin 😏
    me but please no hate and I’m not up for a fight over YouTube so … No
    comment pls this is just my opinion

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