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Shawn Mendes Gets Flirty with Chloe Moretz & Camila Cabello

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Chloe and Shawn kissing in a tree… oh wait Camila what are you doing here?
Don’t you love fall? The leaves are falling, and so are Hollywood’s biggest stars… for each other!

Alright, so let me break this down for y’all. As you may or may not know, Chloe Grace Moretz and Shawn Mendes have had a little flirtationship going on, on the Twittersphere. Chloe Grace responded to Shawn’s shirtless L’Uomo Vogue cover photo with a gif of her biting her thumb. Yessss girl, get it! I think we could all learn a thing or two from flirty miss Moretz.

Not only that, but a source told HollywoodLife that Shawn has a “full on crush” on Chloe, and QUOTE- “Shawn has had a crush on Chloe for the longest time. He loves her quirky sense of humor and outspoken nature. He also thinks she’s super sharp and sassy. He loves all of these things about her.”


Well this would all be perfect if there wasn’t someone else in the picture… or so Twitter thinks. Remember “I Know What You Did Last Summer”? That adorable duet by Shawn and Camila that we could. not. get. out. of. our. heads?

Well of course, the song sparked dating rumors, and despite the fact that the two have reiterated over and over again that they are not in fact dating, the fans just don’t want to believe it. And when Camila and Shawn posted some seemingly flirty twitter banter, people lost all chill. The tweets in question?
When Camila released her new song with Machine Gun Kelly “Bad Things,” Mendes tweeted: “So incredibly proud of you. I love this!” and Camila’s response was: “That means so much to me!!! love you Canada” complete with three heart emojis AND a nickname. So you can see where the rumors started.

But I’ll be real with you guys- I think Camila and Shawn are just really good friends and I hope everything works out between Shawn and Chloe. But I wanna hear what you think!! Do you think Camila’s getting in the way of Shawn and Chloe’s budding romance? Let me know in the comments section below and after that click right here to check out 7 Halloween movies if you’re a scaredy cat like me!! Thanks so much for hanging out with me here, I’m your host Paulina Cerrilla, and I’ll see you next time!!

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6 thoughts on “Shawn Mendes Gets Flirty with Chloe Moretz & Camila Cabello

  1. ok, camila had nothing to do with this lol.. and did you really just say “a
    source told HollywoodLife” i screamed hollywoodlife stays making up lies.

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