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Remy Ma LEAKS Risque Pic Of Nicki Minaj & Drops Another Diss Track “Another One”

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Remy Ma is not playing with Nicki Minaj y’all. She was clearly expecting Nicki to respond after she dropped her savage “SHETHER” diss track over the weekend, but Nicki has not given Remy Ma any of her energy. This would explain why Remy dropped “Another One” on Hot 97 Thursday night. Within the first 30 seconds, she’s already asking Nicki to respond.

Although Remy Ma pulled a Drake by doing back-to-back diss tracks, “Another One” wasn’t as brutal as SHETHER. She still went in though! There’s one part where she says, I kick a dead horse till it don’t move/Don’t come around me, now I got the crown, see/I beat you with punches in 48, you Ronda Rousey /The wigs and nose, you a whole clown, B/I better not ever hear you say anything about me! She even references the Cash Me Outside girl at one point during the track. Although our jaws weren’t dropped permanently like after we listened to SHETHER, the hook is definitely catchy.

Remy also posted an old photo of Nicki in racy lingerie with the caption “Still “unbothered” Spongebob?” One of the main hashtags was also #B4TheButtJob! Even though she posted this to Instagram and twitter, it has been deleted already. However, with lyrics like, “It’s a lot of people that you really bothered
They was sellin’ footage and you know I bought it”, we have to wonder what else Remy Ma has on Nicki.
Anyway, Enough about Remy, Nicki is still unbothered. She posted a series of photos and video on her instagram with the caption #NickiInParis. She was out celebrating with some of her model friends and Balmain Creative Direrctor Olivier Rousteing at the Balmain After Party in Paris. It looks like a blast and she truly does look unbothered.

So I have to know what you guys think? What did you think of Another One and do you think Remy Ma has scandalous footage of Nicki? Also, should Nicki respond or continue to give her the silent treatment?! Share all your thoughts right down here in the comments and after that, be sure to click right over here to check out JLO and Jimmy Fallon’s epic dance battle. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News and don’t forget to subscribe! I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time!

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5 thoughts on “Remy Ma LEAKS Risque Pic Of Nicki Minaj & Drops Another Diss Track “Another One”

  1. She made her name from using Hip-Hop and now Hip-Hop is calling her ass out and instead of putting in work like a rapper supposed to shes hiding behind these brain dead, bubble gum, plastic, caked up Mannequins. Because she’s fake and so are ya’ll if you can ignore disrespect like that.. Be it lies or facts. Majority of ya’ll are white in these comments any fucking way so…
    I can’t expect for Rem’s last few bars to hit home.. but you sista’s though

    … Fuck outta here and wake TF up!

    but.. but… Christmas IS Real!!!! lol #Kids

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