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Perrie Edwards Was Homeless After Zayn Break-Up

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Perrie Edwards who had been living with her then fiancé Zayne Malik in his North London pad, admitted in Little Mix’s New book “Our World” that after the two broke off the engagement she had no where to go. Perrie said quote, “’After I split with my partner, out of the blue, I had nowhere to go, which was incredibly stressful. For a while I had no idea what to do,’

But like all good friends, her bandmates offered their place to Perrie but she admitted she didn’t want to burden them as they didn’t have much room. During this time they were promoting Black Magic and they were traveling a lot here in America. She realized then she really had nothing to return home to and that she was without a home.

But it wasn’t until her mama reached out to Perrie’s manager at Modest Management to express her concern for her daughter. So mama Edwards and owner of Modest Mangament Richard Griffith came up with a solution for Perrie to live in his guest cottage until she could get back on her feet again. Perrie said quote, “”I put all my stuff in storage, took my dogs, and more or less lived out of a suitcase for a good month and a half.”

Perrie also recalls, in Our World, the moment Malik ended their romance saying, “It was horrible, the worst time of my life. A four-year relationship, two-year engagement ended by a simple text message. Just like that.”

Yikes, our hearts certainly feel for Perrie that’s for sure. What do you think of Perrie being homeless after her split from Zayne. Share your thoughts in the comments below and after that check out our all new show on Clevver That Got Weird and experience the “what in my pants” challenge. Thanks so much for checking in on this wonderful Saturday. I’m your host Meghan Lamontagne and I’ll catch ya later!

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5 thoughts on “Perrie Edwards Was Homeless After Zayn Break-Up

  1. Wow no hate but that was very harsh of zayn as a mixer and a directioner I
    was never really on anyone’s side but zayn does seem to be turning out to
    be the bad person in all of this… just glad they’ve both moved on now

  2. I’m sure Zayn has his reasons. So we’re going to have to wait till his book
    comes out and he shares his side of the story

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