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Most OFFENSIVE Halloween Costumes (Chat Show)

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Today on the weekly chat show we’re breaking down the MOST OFFENSIVE Halloween costumes as well as our plans AND what we are going to be on our favorite day of the year!

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5 thoughts on “Most OFFENSIVE Halloween Costumes (Chat Show)

  1. Omg it’s a damn costume! Why are they offended by the racial costumes ? I’m
    Mexican and I’m not offended at all, people are so damn sensitive 🙄

  2. would anyone call it racist if someone dressed up as a stereotypical brit,
    like holding tea and wearing a long coat etc? or a stereotypical french

  3. Halloween is the time of year when you can be whatever you want! So stupid
    to judge people based on costume preference. It is for fun, for
    entertainment or just out of respect for character. How you can take
    seriously costumes? What is wrong with Ann Frank? What is wrong if someone
    want to try black character even he or she is white? What wrong if someone
    just for fun try Mexican costume? Nowadays people could be offended by
    anything! Halloween for fun, no place for “oh I think this costume could
    offend someone, so change it”.

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