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Most EMBARRASSING Celebrity Moments Ever

From Fergie peeing her pants to Zach Braff beating up little kids who are pranking him, these are 17 Most EMBARRASSING Celebrity Moments Ever!

#10 Beyonce’s Hair Gets Caught in Fan
During a performance in Montreal, a fan caused some trouble for Beyonce, and we’re not talking about human fans. Queen Bey stepped down from the stage, and one of the fans she has to blow her hair around dramatically actually sucked up her hair and got it caught inside. While her handlers tried to get her loose for about 2 minutes, Beyonce kept singing. She might have turned a potentially show-ruining embarrassing moment into just a minor mishap.

# 9 Azealia Banks Banned from Twitter
Azealia Banks is a rapper who’s better known for her unhinged Twitter rants and picking fights with randos and celebs alike on the internet than for her music. Earlier in 2016, after Azealia Banks threw a bunch of racist and homophobic slurs at Zayn Malik, the rest of Twitter responded negatively. Even 14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson publicly denounced Banks with a series of brutal tweets and clapbacks. While Banks has said some problematic things on her twitter before, her twitter fight with a child actress and global heartthrob resulted in her whole twitter being forcibly deactivated. Talk about messy.

# 8 Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram
In 2015, Lindsay Lohan posted an image of Arabic Text on her Instagram with the caption “You’re Beautiful” in English underneath. Her followers were quick to point out that it actually said “You’re a donkey.” Take this as a lesson to only post inspirational text quotes in languages you understand.

# 7 Ariana Grande Licks a Donut
In 2015 Ariana Grande had a mini PR nightmare when she was caught licking a donut on display at a local Californian Store. She was also caught saying “I hate Americans. I hate America.” which, as you can imagine, didn’t go very well. Grande went on to explain that she was playing a Truth or Dare game with her friend, and she didn’t expect the private game to be publicized. She still hasn’t lived it down, with interviewers and Twitter fans still pestering her about #DonutGate.

# 6 Robin Thicke
Robin Thicke has gotten a pretty notorious reputation for being sleazy and has since broken up with his wife because of it. This picture at this point is just sleazy frosting on top of a sleazy cake. In this snapshot with a fan, you can see that Thicke has his hand right up on her butt.

# 5 Nicki Minaj Last Minute Malfunction
During the 2014 VMAs performance of Bang Bang, Nicki Minaj had to do a last minute wardrobe change to switch into a new costume for the performance. However, this quick change backfired when her new dress didn’t stay closed during the performance and popped right open. Nicki managed to hold her outfit together for the entire performance, saving herself from TOTAL embarrassment.

# 4 Hasselhoff Eating Burger on the Floor
In 2007, a now infamous video of David Hasselhoff drunkenly eating a burger on his bathroom floor leaked, which was definitely not a good look for the ex-Baywatch star. The video was apparently recorded and leaked by his daughter in an attempt to get him to stop drinking and address his alcoholism. While this is a pretty brutal attempt at tough love, it actually helped. Seven years later, Hasselhoff now attends AA meetings and has gotten his substance abuse problems under control.

# 3 Zach Braff Beat up a Kid
The Scrubs star Zach Braff was once a target on the show Punk’d. Being pranked on national TV by Ashton Kutcher is embarrassing enough, but Braff’s reaction to the prank was worse. After catching what he thought was a 12-year-old spray painting his expensive car, he chased down the kid, cursed him out and punched him in the gut. This outburst was edited out of the final episode, which was probably for the best.

# 2 Taylor Swift Dress Malfunction
During one of her performances while on Tour, Taylor Swift had a major embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. T-swift walked a little too close to one of her wind machines and had herself a Monroe Moment, blowing up her dress for everyone to see. Luckily, she wasn’t wearing anything too revealing or god forbid, going commando. She had on a pair of flesh colored shorts that saved her from flashing her Tay-Tays to the crowd.

# 1 Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Accident
Steve Harvey hosted the 2015 Miss Universe pageant and made a mistake that was heard around the world at what might have been the worst moment to make one. At the pivotal moment in which Miss Universe was crowned Steve Harvey confidently announced the winner was Miss Colombia, who was crowned and did a victory walk. But then Steve Harvey had to sheepishly walk back on stage and announce that the true winner was Miss Philippines. The mistake created pandemonium, chaos, and most of all, embarrassment on a global scale for Harvey.

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