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Miley Cyrus Hosts The Ellen Show – Talks Drugging Ellen & Being ‘Disney Servant’

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Miley Cyrus has taken over the Ellen Show!
Ellen’s shoes are tough to fill, but Miley Cyrus may have found her newest calling in TV hosting
The great thing about being a celebrity is having celebrity friends who will fill in for you on your national TV show when you’re sick. That’s exactly what happened when Ellen Degeneres was too ill to film her show, The Ellen Show. Ellen tweeted QUOTE “The bad news is I’m sick & can’t tape my show today. The good news is @MileyCyrus dropped everything to host for me. Thanks, Miley!”
Yes, Miley Cyrus held it down for the fans, taking over all hosting duties. She walked out onstage dancing, of course, in true Ellen fashion, and assured the audience that she would do her best to “be” Ellen.

And even though Miley definitely looks the part, she knows that hosting a tv show like this, is a little different than anything she’s used to.
Well, she’s got a point there, but you gotta love Miley poking fun at herself and her craziness that we all love, let’s be real. And as a true friend, Miley gave Ellen a personal prescription to help her feel better.
Like Ellen, Miley had to interview some celebs, like Frozen’s Idina Menzel, who Miley has a whole lot in common with…
They dished on the upcoming Frozen 2 and the possibility of seeing Disney’s first homosexual princess, with rumors swirling that Elsa might be a lesbian. Miley and Idina declared that they are all for it, and we definitely agree.
Miley also got her game face on when she played Ellen’s 5-Second Rule Game with Sarah Jessica Parker and we learned a thing or two about a few of Miley’s favorite things

She’s hilarious. Now, if it were up to me, I’d give Miley her own show like… tomorrow, but I want to know what you all thought of Miley hosting the Ellen Show, and if you’d tune into the Miley Show. Then you can click right over here to relive some of your favorite old school Nickelodeon movies on Throwback, and of course don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys soon.
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4 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Hosts The Ellen Show – Talks Drugging Ellen & Being ‘Disney Servant’

  1. 4 and 5 year olds don’t know there sexuality fully until maybe a little
    older, so it wouldn’t make sense to make a lesbian Elsa because most little
    kids have a mom and dad and they don’t know better, they would be confused
    and also all the homophobes will go crazy, btw I’m not homophobic I just
    don’t think it’s the best idea 😕

  2. am popping my pants know because of her doing that can someone tell me you
    can change my am handicap with a mess in my pants know

  3. I would love for Miley to have her own talk show she did so good hosting
    for Ellen and I just crack up when Miley talks about how she was treated in
    the Disney world cause we all thought dead wrong about Disney they just
    made it seem all glamorous for the cameras little did we knew what happened
    without the cameras…..

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