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Louis Tomlinson’s Baby Mama At War w/ 1D Fans – Drake & JLo Makeout at Prom (DHR)

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Briana Jungwirth threatens One Direction fan sites, Drake & JLo get frisky at a fancy prom. All this & more on today’s Daily Hollywood Rundown.

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5 thoughts on “Louis Tomlinson’s Baby Mama At War w/ 1D Fans – Drake & JLo Makeout at Prom (DHR)

  1. People need to stop saying that 1D fans are crazy or stupid or delusional
    because 1) its not all of the fans and 2) of those ones, they are not
    crazy. What they’re really trying to say, is larries are deluded and
    delusional people who seem to be hating on everyone and ruined the
    relationship between Louis and Harry with crazy conspiracies. And I’m here
    to say, that’s just not true. There are more larries that don’t hate on her
    then there are that do. If anyone actually took time to look into it, you
    would see that 1) Briana asks for privacy, then gives out her email,
    snapchat, accepts everyone on instagram, and posts pictures of freddie
    every chance she gets even after Louis asks her not to. Then, her cousin
    posts a picture on twitter of a women about to give birth saying briana
    sent it to her, but then someone finds an almost identical picture of the
    same women but its not briana. Meaning they lied and found some random
    picture. Why find a random picture of you can just take one of yourself
    Then briana’s family posts a pic of freddie and a dad tweets that the
    picture is of his daughter. Now what are people supposed to think when this
    happens. Then on top of this we have news outlets, celebrities, friends of
    louis, mocking freddie and not one of the boys publicly congratulating him.
    They are all great friends, why wouldn’t a single one of them congratulate
    him? Then on top of this, Briana walks out of the hospital after “giving
    birth” in high heels and skinny jeans? Not only is that almost impossible
    but also its hospital regulation that people who just give birth must come
    out in a wheelchair. Also she walks out looking great her hair is perfect
    makeup in tact. Nobody looks like that after giving birth. On top of this,
    she’s getting plastic surgery and lip injections from that money that Louis
    is giving her. If you check her instagram, you will be maybe one or two
    negative comments about her so no, people really aren’t hating on her
    anymore, but instead antis are giving Brett, her stepfather, private
    information about random larries they’ve seen online, like their names and
    home addresses. Then they accuse us of being the crazy ones. Speaking of
    which, we’re not crazy, Harry used to be out of the closet and had a
    boyfriend when he was in school, and people have seen Harry and Louis
    together at private restaurants and recently, and be recently I mean 2016.
    Also Harry and Louis go MIA together then come back together, Niall has
    said multiple times in interviews that harry wears thongs, they lived
    together for a long time, then when the supposedly “moved out” louis
    accidentally said “we watched it” pointing at harry on TV by accident, so
    yea, totally moved out. On top of all up this, there is an interview where
    they get asked if they have any girlfriends and harry says boyfriend and
    Ben Winston says they have to cut that part out. Then on top of ALL OF
    THIS, there are about 2000 videos of them singing 18 to one another, Little
    Things, Night Changes, Fireproof, You and I, Through the Dark, Kiss you (in
    which even in the music video when harry first says Kiss you Louis and him
    are looking directly at eachother) and many others and if you don’t believe
    me, look it up 🙂 Sorry for this insanely long rant but I’m getting sick
    and tired of people saying larries did this and all larries are bad and
    larries are the reason the fandom is dead or whatever because its just not
    true. And they’re not wild conspiracies at all. I have a video, one of my
    favorites, where they’re singing little things, and harry completely turns
    his entire body towards Louis, and its cute and its amazingly beautiful.
    Harry also gives thumbs-up to people with larry signs and pointed at a
    taylor swift sign then made a sign of a beard around his chin.
    Anyway so yea, stop generalizing us.

  2. Retired Larry here. i just want to say not all larries are awful. The good
    ones realize there is a line you just dont cross ( baby theroies /ruining
    relationships etc) and you respect and dont cross.

    I have been overy this whole larry thing for awhile now and i do think
    other fans should be to. Lets just leave larry as one of the best ships
    ever to happen and put in the past.

    (responding to hateful larry comments in the comment section)

    as far as the baby thing…i never really looked into. i know the theory
    and all that but whats all the recent drama about?

  3. If you are a fan of Louis why would you make fun of his child and his
    child’s mother??? That is just to low…

  4. Why the Fuck you lying clevver? People were talking badly about Tyga and
    Kylie’s relationship. It has nothing to do with your gender.

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