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Liam Payne FUELS Rumors That Cheryl Already Gave Birth With THIS Cryptic Tweet

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He may be tip-toeing around his house, but is Liam also tip-toeing around the fact that his baby is already born? The investigation begins….

Ok, so let’s look at this objectively. We know that Cheryl Cole is pregnant with Liam Payne’s child all thanks to photos of her growing baby bump, and more recently official confirmation as she posed for a photo shoot celebrating L’Oreal Paris collaboration with The Prince’s trust.

The photos suggest that she is well into her third trimester and close to her due date, but a cryptic tweet sent out by baby-daddy Liam Payne last night sent fans into a frenzy, as it hinted that the baby has already been born. The tweet read QUOTE, “Why do I always do the strangest walk when I’m trying to be quiet in a morning”.

Again, let’s break this down: Pregnant girlfriend about to pop, tip-toeing around the house, most likely to not wake a newborn baby…. Unfortunately, there was no follow-up tweet expressing something along the lines of, “MY GIRLFRIEND HAD OUR BABY AND I LOVE BEING A DAD BUT I HAVE TO BE QUIET SO I DON’T WAKE OUR SLEEPING CHILD”, but really, why else would Liam feel the need to tweet such a random status on his inability to tip-toe comfortably around his own home if he didn’t want us to assume it was because of said child?!?!

Many fans have also caught onto his strange whereabouts, as the replies started swarming in, as one fan asked, “Is this “Liam’s” way of saying he was trying to be quiet cause mum and baby are sleeping?” And one fan even went as far to demand further evidence, saying, “ok i need a pic of liam holding the baby if it’s already here”. Uhh, yeah, gonna have to agree on that one.

The two have been very secretive about their personal life throughout the duration of the pregnancy, so the odds of Liam confirming the birth of he and Cheryl’s baby are slim to none, however, we’re not giving up all hope seeing that she DID willingly confirm her pregnancy.

So while we sit here and attempt to decode any and every tweet from either of the proud parents we can, I want to hear what you guys think… do you think this tweet was alluding to the fact that Liam and Cheryl had their baby? I want to hear all your predictions right down here in the comments, and after that, you can click right over here to check out all the best dressed from this year’s Oscar awards on Dirty Laundry. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time.

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