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Lauren Jauregui APOLOGIZES To Fans & Fifth Harmony Performs In Brazil Without Her

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Lauren Jauregui mysteriously misses Fifth Harmony’s Brazil concert after her marijuana bust.
Yeah, WEED like to know what’s really going on here too.
Yesterday news broke that Fifth Harmony’s resident bad girl Lauren Jauregui was arrested for marijuana possession at the airport in Washington DC. She wasn’t supposed to miss the band’s Brazil concert Wednesday night, so fans took notice when she was mysteriously absent.
As you saw fans shouted Lauren’s name when they realized she wasn’t in attendance with Camila, Dinah, Allie and Normani at the Fun Pop Fun Festival in Sao Paulo.

Following the incident at the Dullus Airport in DC, Lauren’s lawyer issued a statement clarifying that Lauren was NOT in fact arrested. The lawyer insists the singer was merely cited for drug possession and QUOTE “released on her own recognizance”, claiming the situation would not affect the band’s scheduled performances.

So then why was Lauren absent from the Brazil show? Sources say Lauren joined the group on their trip to Brazil, so did something else interfere? Fans noticed Lauren appeared on choreographer Sean Bankhead’s Snapchat in Atlanta for the premiere of Fox’s new “Star” TV show.

Lauren very recently tweeted in portuguese sending all her love and affection to her South American fans. Here is a translation: “My dear Brazilian Harminizers, I’m sorry I can not see you all. I did not get on the plane in time and so I had to go to Atlanta. I promise that I will do everything possible for you because I love each of you with all my heart. I’m sorry I love you.”

Lauren also tweeted a news article quote about her small marijuana incident with the hashtag “sensationalized media” and #aleppodeservesthiscoverage. Honestly kudos to Lauren for using this news and her platform to spread the word about real human rights violations happening in our world.

What do you think of all this? Does Laurens apology seem legit? Tell us below and then check out Taylor VS Kim who wore it better on Dirty Laundry! I’m your host Tom Plumley see you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Lauren Jauregui APOLOGIZES To Fans & Fifth Harmony Performs In Brazil Without Her

  1. In the description box you said Allie when its spelt Ally come on Clevver
    News you guys are better than that how hard is it to spell Ally ??

  2. Lauren’s apology is legit. It may be the case that she forgot she had left
    her ‘weed stash’ in the hand luggage she brought to the airport (my
    theory). Love that the Harmonizers found this funny by supporting Lauren
    with #FreeLauren tweets and hilarious memes 😂😂 Lauren is Dope and tbh I
    wasn’t that shocked that she smokes weed Lesson learned Lolo 😝 you bad
    girl, you hahaha

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