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Lady Gaga: money and celebrity aren’t at centre of happiness ( 1st December, 2016)

Pop star Lady Gaga has called for more love and kindness this festive period, saying that too much importance was being placed on fame and wealth.
“During the holidays I love to be with family…I feel that money and being a celebrity has been put on a pedestal in a way that it truly doesn’t deserve because it’s not really at the centre of happiness. What is at the centre of happiness is family and friendship and love and kindness, and that’s what I’ll be doing for the holidays, I’ll be celebrating those things,” she told Reuters.
The Grammy Award-winning singer was in London on Thursday (December 1) to give an intimate performance for a group of fans in a giant snow globe on the rooftop of Westfield shopping mall. The acoustic gig came on the heels of her turn as one of the musical guests at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Paris the night before.
At the start of November, Lady Gaga notched her fourth chart-topping album as her rock-infused record “Joanne” debuted at the top of the weekly U.S. Billboard 200 album chart.
Named after the 30-year old’s late aunt, “Joanne” has been described by many critics as Lady Gaga’s most personal and authentic release to date.
When asked whether the stripped back sound represented a reinvention or new era in her work, Lady Gaga replied:
“I see every album that I create as a reinvention in some way but I would prefer the word transformation, I suppose, because I’m always changing when I’m creating music. And with this record, I wanted to combine genres that are completely different,” she said.

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