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Kylie Jenner Previews SEXY New Kendall + Kylie Line & Spills More Details On NYC Pop-Up Shop

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Kylie Jenner’s latest collections are popping up in New York City & we’ve got all the details on what lies behind the doors of the brand new store
Mark your calendars because Kylie Jenner is bringing her beauty to the Big Apple
On February 13th, there is only one place to be in New York City- 27 Mercer St, the location of Kylie Jenner’s newest pop up shop in the city’s Soho neighborhood. The store will once again feature Kylie’s famous lip kits, plus branded merchandise, and so much more.
In a press release published by Teen Vogue, the Jenner team announced the location saying QUOTE “Kylie handpicked this location after touring many spots in and around NYC and is excited to bring the Kylie Shop to the East Coast, especially for all her fans and customers who missed the launch pop-up shop in California.”
Once again, the store will only remain open while supplies last, but shoppers will hopefully get a chance to snag Kylie’s Valentine’s Day collection, her birthday collection, and her holiday collection. And if that’s not enough to get you excited, King Kylie will also be selling her brand new collection of athleisure apparel, because 2017 is all about athletic leisure, guys.
And speaking of athleisure, Kylie & big sis Kendall’s self-titled line will also be dropping some brand new sporty-chic items in a brand new collection being called DropOne. In two revealing insta posts, Kylie shared a sneak peek of what we can expect from DropOne, wearing grey sweats and a black bustier writing ‘DropOne @kendallandkylie Coming Soon.” Coming Soon? We want more details!
In the meantime, I want to hear from you guys. With so much going on in Kylie’s world, will you be visiting her NYC pop-up and what are your thoughts on the new DropOne collection? Share it all down below, and then hit that subscribe button. I’m your host Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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5 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Previews SEXY New Kendall + Kylie Line & Spills More Details On NYC Pop-Up Shop

  1. 🚫Bishh 🚫They steal the ideas of other people. Kardashian/Jenner rats, do
    your own thing, you overrated instagram models. 😒😒😒🚫

  2. I get being a fan of Kylie, but Clevver literally kiss her ass daily. They
    believe evrtything like the overlined lips thing. Like she’s had no
    surgery. I guess she just overlined her butt, boobs, and several features
    of her face too. Foh! Stop sucking up to her. She’s not perfect just like
    anyone else in this world. She’s is not a God, baby. She a human that
    happens to be popular and rich. Calm down people.😂😭✌

  3. btw this video is for people who actual like Kylie and are interested in
    this new line. cool? so clicking on this video and spreading hate is
    pointless , stupid and just shows sad you are. stay alive friends and don’t
    get triggered about what somebody else does. It didn’t occur to me that
    what Kylie was doing was making a negative impact on peoples lives😂❤👌

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