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Kylie Jenner Hilariously SLAMS Boob Job Rumors

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And that something different had to do with her girls! Kylie practically broke the internet yesterday when she snapped photos where she looked extremely busty…well more than usual!

Yes people this whole video is focused on Kylie’s chest…Let the investigation begin! Breast Implants or just the right bra and perfect placement that is the question. Fans began speculating whether or not KJ got plastic surgery during her time off after she posted these snaps

Which we totally get why people are asking! She knew what she was doing when she put her cleavage on full display like that OF COURSE people would start talking. and lets be real her boobs looked AMAZING but defiitlely a lot bigger! But kylie wasn’t going to let everyone just go off about her chest with out chiming in about it herself.

In a twitter Q&A later on she set the record straight about her larger bust! When fans asked if she had gotten surgery she tweeted”Um never.”
She then told one fan the reason behind her voluptuous look saying
“TMI but it’s that time of the month lol. They will deflate soon. and it will be a sad sad day.”
Ok here is the thing us women have all been there that time of the month your boobs do look extra full and perky! So Kylie could be telling the truth. Or it could also be a cover up because she can’t use her usual excuse about wearing a push up bra because you can clearly see that she was wearing one. Kylie is known for not exactly telling the truth about her plastic surgery at first and then later admitting that she has had work done. WHO KNOWS, but is it any of our business anyway? I have just spent 3 mins of my life debating wether or not this girls boobs are real. What is life? If you want to spend more time feel free to hit the comments below and let me know wether or not you think they are real. Thanks for watching Clevver News today. I’m you girl Jackie Iadonisi signing out and P.S Do what ever makes you happy friends. Have a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Hilariously SLAMS Boob Job Rumors

  1. -“Kylie, have you ever done any plastic surgery? ”
    -kylie: “never”
    – me: is it april fool’s day or something? She looks gorgeous but 200 %
    different from 3 yrs ago. Anyway… That’s her body an her life.

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