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Kylie Jenner Cuddles Up With Tyga’s Son & Clears Up Singing Career Rumors

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That was Kylie Jenner cuddling up with her brother Rob’s future step son, who also happens to her current boyfriend’s son…
Maybe the most complicated family tree on earth, but there’s not denying that kid is super cute.
Word on the street is that Kylie is helping out with King Kairo babysitting duties since his mama Blac Chyna is apparently just days away from her birthing her new little babe with current fiancé Rob Kardashian (yes, again, I get it, this is super complex, but whatever). Can we please take another look at Kylie’s snap chat though?
Talk about being smothered in love and cuteness. Adorbs! In other Queen Kylie news, the reality star/makeup maven just debuted a peek at her latest lip gloss and fans seems to believe the track playing the background is actually her singing. The group on the song is called Terror Jr and while I know yall would love nothing more than a Kylie singing career, I must be the bearer of bad news and let you know that, alas, this is not the case. The baby Jenner hit social media to say: ‘So public announcement, I’m not the lead singer of Terror Jr, I love their music.
‘But for those of you wondering it’s not me guys, so yeah I don’t know if the band is trying to get a little attention or what’s going on but it’s not me.’

Funny sidenote, Kylie said even her mom Kris Jenner aked her if she’s in the band, which again, she’s not. Sad tale, but guys, LIP GLOSS! And we’re talking lip gloss for days, maybe even years. So what do you all think of the cuteness overload that was the snap featuring Kylie and King Kairo? Hit us up below to share some love and watch this ruin your day by reliving tramatic Disney scenes. You’re welcome. I’m Joslyn Davis thanks for hanging and have a great day!

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  1. I love how her eyes got big and hey its ok that your not glad you support
    and your just amazingly professional Kylie koko

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