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Kylie Jenner Caught In Photoshop SCANDAL After Tyga Posts Sexy Instagram Pic

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Holy moly moly moly the internet is freaking because Kylie Jenner reportedly photoshopped a wart out of her photos.
Stop the presses people Kylie Jenner might have photoshopped a wart off of her leg in photos – or maybe she didn’t – or maybe no one knows. Right now, I’m breaking down the truth like a true journalist.
All kidding aside, Kylie was getting some clap-back from a few posts on her social media accounts. Case in point, I give you this pic where the youngest Kardashian is sitting on her boyfriend’s lap eating some chips, if you zoom in very closely on her knee, you see that it looks like there’s something there. Then cut to this other photo Kylie posted and voila, the mystery item is gone. So the internet got totally shook/woke/rattled and started making claims that she’d photoshopped whatever it was off her knee. PS: most people seemed to think it was a wart, other more creative individuals thought it was a nipple. Personally I was rolling with the idea that it was a lady bug. Regardless of what this situation entails, the truth of the matter is that the Kardashians have been under the gun so to speak for photoshopping their pics in the past. But guys and gals, let me be the first to bear the bad news…pretty much everyone photoshops/facetunes/filters their pics, so let’s all just agree to agree that this is common practice. Now, as for the mystery item on Kylie’s knee, it appears as though the culprit was all in the perspective and that a plant in the forefront of the pic was to blame. Thank God we figured that one out because I was shakin’ in my boots. So do you all think this photoshop drama is as ridic as I do? Hit us up in the comments and then click here to see the biggest photoshop fails of 2016 and also don’t forget that Dirty Laundry and Rumor Patrol have officially moved to Sundays so be sure to tune in! Thanks for hanging yall I’m Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you later!

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