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Kim Kardashian Shocked to Learn of Kendall’s Sleep Paralysis

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In a new sneak peek at Sundays episode of KUWTK Kendall opens up about her disorder
Big sister Kim K was shocked when she found out little sister Kendall has been dealing with sleep paralysis.

Kendall Jenner has opened up recently to the public about how she is dealing with anxiety due to the pressures of the industry but I don’t think anyone really understood how bad it really was including her sister Kim.

In a new episode of KUWTK Kendall explains to Kim what exactly sleep paralysis is
Kendall also shares that is the scariest thing she has ever been through
Kim shared that she has anxiety as well but never has she experience anything like what Kendall has been going through but keep in mind this before the unfortunate incident happened in Paris
It seems like the family as a whole are going through a lot and I hope that they can get the help they need to overcome their anxiety. If you have gone through similar things hit the comment below with advice on what has helped you to over come it. Thanks for hanging out with me today on Clevver News before you go make sure you click here to check out a new episode of that got weird. I’m Jackie Iadonisi I’ll see you soon.

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5 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Shocked to Learn of Kendall’s Sleep Paralysis

  1. i love Kendall but no offense who cares they are making a big deal about
    this many people have this is not a rare thing I’m not saying is not scary
    or normal I haven’t experience it myself but please the last thing you need
    to is get more publicity for your show through this type of stuff. talk
    about it let it go seriously you have been talking about this since last

  2. You know you live a charmed life when one of your biggest problems is sleep
    paralysis. 😳Yeah it’s scary the first couple of times, but it’s very
    temporary and you can usually fix it with the info found in a simple Google

    Calmly concentrate on just moving your pinky or just your smallest toe at
    first, and usually as soon as your brain can convince your little toe to
    move, you break right out of it. It is by no means serious and apart from
    being a little terrifying the first two or three times (after that it’s
    just a pain in the butt, but you know you’ll wake up) there are no long
    term consequences.

    Also lack of sleep is what they believe causes sleep paralysis for a lot of
    people. So not sleeping to avoid it is only going to make things worse!

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