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Kendall Jenner STRIPS Down To Lingerie For Feminist La Perla Shoot

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If beauty is pain then Kendall must be suffering.
Kendall Jenner strips down to lace and leather & opens up about her thoughts on gun laws.

First up, KJ stripped down for the spring 2017 collection campaign of lingerie brand, La Perla, and these feminist themed photos are next level.
In this first photo queen is OWNING the edge of this table wearing this hot little red lace nighty with matching panties. In the second photo, less is more as Kendall gives us boss vibes in a white satin and lace, corset back dress.

E! News spoke to La Perla’s art director who said that part of theme was quote “The liberation of every woman from the need to suffer for beauty,” and the creative director said they hand picked Kendall “to interpret the highly innovative path that the brand has set out on” and that quote “Kendall’s contemporary charisma adds an unmistakable touch to every garment, simultaneously highlighting the modernity and the relaxed, self-assured elegance of each piece she wears.”
Oh, and how can we can’t forget about this shot taken behind the scenes. There are no words. (insert the black lingere pic wenn29995140 kendall jenner la perla)

Kendall also is talking about working with anti-gun charities on next week’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In this new clip, Kim is encouraging Kendall to meet with the folks at Everytown (which is an organization fighting to control gun laws), but Kendall isn’t too keen on supporting something that could be really polarizing.
So will Kendall choose to be a voice for gun control? Well, I guess we all have to wait and see on Sunday when this episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s airs.

Until then, let me know in the comments if you were drooling over Kendalls La Pearla photos,and also subscribe to Clevver News. Also click here to reminisce about all of those scenes in Disney movies that traumatized you as a kid. Im Erin Robinson and I’m out.

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