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Kendall Jenner Gets Cozy With LA Laker Jordan Clarkson At Drake’s AMA After-Party

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Kendall Jenner enjoyed a lot more than music following the AMAs over the weekend, so could this be the beginning of a new flame?
Kendall clearly got the best of both worlds, when last night’s ‘AMA’ celebration turned into a whole lotta ‘PDA.’

Kendall Jenner may have found love (or maybe just lust) in a hopeless place last night following the American Music Awards. The supermodel arrived at Drake’s AMAs after party held at Los Angeles club Delilah, and what seemed like a girls night out with close pals Karlie Kloss, Justin Skye and Kourtney Kardashian, eventually took a total 180 when LA Lakers Jordan Clarkson walked in.

Witnesses from last night revealed that the girls packed into a booth, while dancing and singing along to the DJ, but as soon as Jordan made his way over, Kendall greeted him with a hug just before he was seen putting his arm around her waist as they spoke. The source also stated that Jordan was also seen resting his hand on Kendall’s inner thigh or her hand would be on his leg, and at one point, Jordan even gave her a bunch of kisses on her cheek, telling E! News, QUOTE, “You could see that they’re really into each other and they certainly weren’t hiding it. They were very touchy-feely!”
The source went on to say that Kendall was laughing the whole time, and that, “She was super giddy and loving every minute of it. It was obvious that they have a very playful, fun relationship. They were extremely affectionate and sweet towards one another. It’s obvious he makes her so happy!”
Although the eyewitness stated that the two refrained from kissing, they did mention that QUOTE, “You could tell that they didn’t care about anyone else and, to each other, they were the only two in the room.” Ok, so we know, we know, don’t get our hopes up yet as this may be nothing serious at all, but sources say Kendall and Jordan have a good understanding of their liking toward each other and that they’re “on the same page,” so fingers crossed for much more good news to follow.
In the meantime, I want to know all your thoughts on Kendall’s night out following the AMAs so get to talking right down here in the comments. After that, if you missed out on any of last weekend’s star-studded performances, host banter or behind-the-scenes moments, you can click right over here to check out 7 of the AMAs best moments. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Sinead de Vries and I’ll see you guys next time.

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5 thoughts on “Kendall Jenner Gets Cozy With LA Laker Jordan Clarkson At Drake’s AMA After-Party

  1. I’ve never really heard of him properly but I feel like I’ve seen him in
    pictures or something… is that Leigh Anne’s ex Jordan or someone else?
    They’d make a cute couple tho

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