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Kendall Jenner Claps Back At Angry Ballerinas After Controversial Vogue Shoot

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Last month, Kendall Jenner did a beautiful photoshoot for Vogue Spain where she was modeled as a ballerina and was shown dancing around in a studio wearing a tutu and ballet shoes. What started as a piece of art quickly turned into the target of an angry mob led by the dance community. Dancers from all over the world freaked out saying things like QUOTE – “I know Kendall Jenner’s ballet ad is the least egregious of the KarJenner cultural appropriations, but as a ballerina of 17 yrs, I’m pissed.” Another said, “Ballet dancers don’t train 40+ hours a week to be represented by Kendall Jenner and her fish feet… Also she is going to hurt herself.” Even famed dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller spoke out saying – “There are so many amazing dancers in the world … Kendall Jenner is not one of them!” Well today Kendall has finally spoken out on her blog to defend herself saying QUOTE – “With my Vogue Spain shoot, I didn’t even know I was going to be a ballerina until I went into hair and makeup. I never said I knew ballet and I didn’t practice beforehand. I just show up to do my job! I have so much respect for women who do their jobs really well and would never purposely try to offend anyone. It confuses me how people can get that upset when there are so many important things going on in the world. But, it’s obviously not going to stop me from working hard and being me.” She was doing her job people! No disrespect intended ballerinas. But I want to hear what you guys think about Kendall’s response so let me know in the comment section below and then as always, don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News. Thanks for watching, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time. Thanks again to Watchable for sponsoring this episode. Check them out on or download the free app for i-O-S and Android. Watchable is the new way to discover the best videos from around the web.

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5 thoughts on “Kendall Jenner Claps Back At Angry Ballerinas After Controversial Vogue Shoot

  1. When I heard that people were calling this “cultural appropriation” I
    almost had a stroke. I mean you don’t hear me yelling “cultural
    appropriation” at for example: people who have stolen the drag queens’
    technique of cooking make-up – and consequently changed the name to
    “baking”. It’s just not worth my nor anyone else’s time. And also it sounds
    ridiculous to complain about a makeup technique.

    I hate to be that guy but there are far more “cultural appropriating”
    things to be worried about. Yes, they could’ve used a proper ballerina but
    it is what it is, get over it. If you’re gonna be mad at someone be mad at
    Vogue, not Kendall. Kendall did not direct the photo shoot, I mean she’s
    only a model for christ’s sake! Models take on the rolls of so many people
    all the time, this isn’t any different.

  2. Of course it would have been better with a professional ballerina i guess
    the only reason they chose kendall is because of her platform and fanbase.
    that way more people are wanting to see the ad BUT it’s not kendalls fault
    i mean would you say no to a job you get paid for and have fun doing?

  3. How interesting that once again the majority of nasty comments about this
    woman (Jenner) is coming from other women….. women of the world stop
    being assholes and for once support other women… I’m no fan of Jenner but
    at least I have the brain capacity to see as with 99% of modelling shoots
    its about playing dress up and posing in front of a camera!!! duh!!!…
    ‘dress up and posing’ …..

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