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Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom ENGAGED? Hillary Clinton Surprises Katy At UNICEF Gala

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Katy Perry was one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters during her campaign and now it’s time for Hillary to return the favor.
Katy walked into the UNICEF Snowflake Ball knowing she was getting an award, but there was one thing – or should I say person – that she definitely wasn’t expecting to see.
And that person was Hillary Clinton. In her second public appearance since she conceded the election to Donald Trump, Hillary showed up at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball to present the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award to a very surprised Katy Perry.
The former secretary of State had nothing but wonderful things to say about Katy during her time on stage. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hillary said QUOTE, “I have seen Katy’s commitment to the causes she believes in firsthand. I’ve gotten to spend time with her and I know how deeply she cares about making our world a better place. She is serious about understanding the complex problems we face and pulling people together to solve them. We need champions like Katy now more than ever, her passion, her energy and yes, her voice, louder than a lion, so Katy Perry, congratulations and thank you so much.”
Katy, who according to a few attendees, was brought to tears after Hillary’s speech and when it was time for the ‘Roar’ songstress to get up on that stage for her acceptance speech, she dedicated a part of it to Hillary by saying this.
While the night was mainly about Katy, the singer couldn’t help but gush about her man before the event. While she was out on the carpet, Katy talked about boyfriend Orlando Bloom with E! about his involvement with UNICEF and said QUOTE, “It’s so funny. He was the previous award recipient. He’s just got the most kind heart ever.”
And that’s not all for relationship talk. Earlier in the week, Katy was spotted going out on a dinner date with Orlando in New York City, but the only thing people could talk about was the GIANT sparkling ring on you know, that particular finger that people go crazy over when there’s a diamond ring on it.
While the couple has yet to explain the giant ring on Katy’s ring finger, that didn’t stop many outlets from speculating with engagement rumors. It’s safe to say, Katy has had quite the week!
What did you guys think of Hillary’s surprise appearance and Katy’s possible engagement? Let me know in the comment section below! When you’re done with that, click right over here to check out Tuesday’s episode of DHR and don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News. Thanks so much for hanging out with me, I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi and I’ll see ya next time!

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