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Kanye West Meets With Donald Trump In NYC & Continues Search For Doctor

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News broke today that Kanye West is in New York City to meet with none other than Donald Trump. Kanye was all smiles as he strolled into Trump Tower this morning for a fifteen minute sitdown with our new POTUS.

TMZ reports it was Kanye who requested the meeting, and Trump agreed. After the meeting the two stopped for a photo opp and Trump revealed what the two talked about in the meeting.

As you saw, Kanye also fielded questions about his announcement to run for President in 2020 during his VMAs speech last year. Kanye awkwardly avoided the question and later defended himself saying, “I just wanted to take a picture right now”.

Trump is in the process of filling in his cabinet members currently. And since Kanye has canceled his tour… maybe he’s looking to get into politics as promised.

But Kanye isn’t only in NYC to meet with the President elect. TMZ claims Yeezy is looking to create a coast-to-coast medical team to stabilize his condition. Kanye made the trek to the Big Apple on a private jet to interview psychiatrists who will be available to him when he’s on the East Coast.

Something tells us this won’t be the last we hear of this Kanye and Trump meeting. What do you guys think Kanye is up to? Tell us by leaving a comment below and then check out 9 Japanese beauty products, over on Beauty Break! I’m your host Sinead de Vries, thanks for watching.

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5 thoughts on “Kanye West Meets With Donald Trump In NYC & Continues Search For Doctor

  1. Oh, no…Libtards bashing Trump for meeting with K. West…Oh, syre- it is
    not as cool as Obamas doing their meetings with rappers in the White House.
    THAT was totally “legit, yo!” LOL

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