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Justin Bieber Treats Himself To SOLO Movie Date & Auctions Off Ferrari

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Justin Bieber treats himself to a movie night and auctions off his first ferarri
What better way to cope with selling your ferarri, treat yourself to a movie of course!

Sometimes you just need a little you time and that’s exactly what Justin did. He took himself to the movies Monday night to see the 7pm showing of split at a theater in Los Angeles. Sources at the theater say he came in alone, aside from his body guards, who waited outside while he watched the flick. Justin was ushered to his seat and the one next to him was kept open for privacy.

But lets be honest we all know the best part of the movies experience is the snacks! So did JB go with the buttery popcorn or the sugary sweets? No, he got himself some nachos and had 3 jack and cokes. But, according to TMZ, the nachos weren’t a hit so he sent them back and got flatbread instead. I mean Justin, I love you but it aint no spoiler that movie theater nachos are probably not going to be the best nachos ever. But on the flip side, he did tip well!

Of course he had a little extra to tip since he made bank off of his Ferrari that he auctioned at the Barret Jackson car auction in Scottsdale Arizona. Over Four hundred thousand dollars to be exact. Justin said quote, “”I’ve had it for roughly two years now. And it was my first Ferrari, I have to say goodbye to my baby! … I’m gonna leave a pair of my old Calvins in there.”

So what did you guys think of Justins solo date night? I’ve definitely gone myself a couple of times. Sound off in the comment section below! And don’t forget to forget to subscribe to clevver news! I’m your host Meghan Lamontagne and I’ll catch ya later.

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  1. Why am I subbed to this channel.. You’re news is wack. Let the dude be out
    in public without flippin out over how normal people can be.

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