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Jennifer Lawrence Explains Why She’s Rude & Won’t Take Selfies With Fans

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Jennifer Lawrence explains she is “really rude” to fans and why she definitely WON’T take a selfie with you!
J.Law is unapologetic about her new personality trait: rudeness.
‘Passengers’ star Jennifer Lawrence is known for her constant truth bombs. Weeks after Jennifer revealed she’s QUOTE “scared of her fans”, the actress has now proclaimed she is also really rude to them. In a candid phone interview with the Daily Telegraph Jen explains her recent mood change saying QUOTE, “I have just started becoming really rude and drawn into myself because I have to protect my bubble that is just like, ‘I have a weird job — don’t let this be a reality.’” Adding that maintaining her sense of self is more important to her than someone thinking she is rude. So what kind of rudeness can we expect if we’re lucky enough to bump into Jen while out and about? Jennifer detailed QUOTE, “So I make it clear by my body language that I don’t want to be talking to a stranger. And if they keep talking to me, I just get rude. I don’t say anything but I am just like, ‘mmm-hmmm, yep, nope, OK, bye’.”
So try not to take it personally when Jennifer Lawrence coldly walks away from you on the street. And if you thought about asking Jen for a selfie- think again! The actress also told the Daily Telegraph QUOTE, “I need it — otherwise I just wouldn’t go out. Because I would be like, ‘Yeah, I love you too – oh my God, we’re such good friends, let’s take a selfie’. I would be doing that with 50 people a day. You can’t live like that.”
I have to be honest, I sincerely do understand where Jen is coming from. Even Jim Carrey has a famous quote. “I wish everyone could be rich and famous, so they realize it’s not the answer.” At the end of the day, J-Law is just a person who puts her pants on one leg at a time. Imagine if you had 50 people a day who know so many surface things about you interrupting your day to take a picture of you like a product. It’s gotta be a little weird and off-putting.
Do you guys agree with J.Law’s fan philosophy? Tell us with all your thoughts below. Now let’s get ready for New Year’s Eve with a new episode of Throwback! I’m your host Tom Plumley, I’ll see you guys next time.

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5 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence Explains Why She’s Rude & Won’t Take Selfies With Fans

  1. Jennifer Lawrence has to understand that this happens in being a actress
    and would have to accept it.

    Imagine being the fan that just has their once in a life opportunity to see
    her and they go take a picture with her and she ends up being rude.

    Jennifer has lately been disappointing a lot of people and is sad because
    she was such a beautifu,l funny actress. Now she’s just beautiful. Her role
    as mistique has got the fans of marvel angry because she made mistique such
    a big character just so she can get paid more. And that time she said she
    farted at a graveyard, like keep that to your self that’s just

    She’s getting way too ahead of herself, some one gotta bring our old Jen
    back before it’s too late.

  2. Sometimes I don’t understand celebrities at all , in the beginning they are
    normal like us then they want to be rich and famous, they become rich and
    famous because of their FANS then they say that they want to have a normal
    public life like anyone else and on top of all they complain about the
    exposure they getting when they are the ones saying things about themselves
    there are so many celebrities that have kept things hidden from anyone else
    I don’t get why some act like it’s impossible to do. People are ungrateful
    that’s what I know I can understand what she’s saying but she isn’t being

  3. ok she’s not being rude she’s being cold because she is true and doesn’t
    feel like being the best friend of any stranger. she could address this
    better but still nothing wrong.
    plus stop saying that fans made her who she is, she is where she’s at right
    now because of talent and work, of course fans may have helped but still.

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