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Jay Z Fends Off Crazed Fan Who Grabbed Beyonce

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Little did this fan know, snagging a selfie with Beyoncé could come at quite the cost, AKA being manhandled by Bey’s man… yeah, BOY BYE.

All decked out in their matching suit and tie attire (as any dream couple would do), Beyoncé and Jay Z were in full support mode, visiting their long-time friend Usher at New York’s SVA Theater, who’s set to star in Hands of Stone as the iconic boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

The couple, who took time off of their busy schedules touring and jet setting the world on extravagant vacations, were photographed looking as happy as ever, courtesy of Usher’s snapchat photo to which he captioned, “Familia”.

But date night took a slight turn from support mode to full-fledged protection mode (as any good husband would do) when Bey and Jay were leaving the SVA Theater last night. As they were about to step into the car, TMZ captured video of a crazed fan who decided to go balls-to-the-wall and decided to go for a rare Beyoncé selfie, when out of nowhere comes Jay…

Luckily shortly after Jay’s arm got hold of the photo-snapping felon, the Carter family’s body guard swooped in to finish off the rest of the dirty work, clearing the way for Bey and Jay, to which they were able to make a quick escape with NO repeat situation of the Met Gala elevator blowout…

So if it wasn’t so clear back then, it is sure evident now that Jay would stand in the line of fire for the Queen… as it should be. But I want to hear from you guys, what did you think about Jay Z stepping in to defend his lady? Get the conversation going right down here in the comments section and after that, don’t forget to click right over here to check out the best VMA dresses of all time on Dirty Laundry. Thanks for checking in with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Ryland Adams and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. ryland needs to work on the way he talks. it sounds very fake. im not
    hating, im giving constructive critizism. when inhear him in clevver shows
    being himelf, i dont mind him, but here.. no.

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