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Gigi vs. Bella: Hadid Sister Who Ruled 2016

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We’re featuring the most loving case of sibling rivalry between Bella and Gigi Hadid over which sister conquered Hollywood this year.

The dynamic duo that is Gigi and Bella Hadid certainly crossed some major milestones off of their Supermodel-To-Do list this year. Dark-haired beauty Bella kicked off the year on a high note by making her Chanel runway debut while her blonde bombshell sister Gigi, made her own debut as an award show host. The sisters are crazy talented at everything they do, but let’s take it all back to their true passion, as they’re both credited as being world-renowned models.

The fashion industry loves the Hadids so much so, Gigi was the named “Model of the Year” in 2015 and Bella followed in her sister’s footsteps by becoming “Model of the Year” in 2016. Gigi kept herself busy by walking for countless designers, like Versace, Chanel and Balmain to name a few. Obviously, this was not Gigi’s first rodeo conquering the runways, and she even got the opportunity to collaborate on some personal collections with Tommy Hilfiger and Stuart Weitzman this year. Annnnd not to mention having her very own shoe named after her, AKA the “Gigi Boot”… that means she’s pretty much made it, right?

As for Bella, it was a year filled with many “firsts.” Bella made her first Chanel debut and walked for other brands like Miu Miu, Givenchy and Dior. It was clear that she quickly became a favorite amongst designers because as the year progressed, Bella was not only strutting down multiple runways, she was also closing and opening for the shows. Which was a HUGE deal.

Bella was also featured in some serious campaigns of her own this year. And although she has yet to have a clothing item named after her, she got to campaign for TopShop Denim, Joe’s Jeans and even Calvin Klein where she worked with Frank Ocean and Kate Moss. The designer J.W Anderson even admitted to choosing Bella for their campaign because she fit the bill of the “beautiful girl with a strong personality.”

And when it comes to personality, Gigi was able to show off her goofy sense of humor as she cohosted the American Music Video Awards with Jay Pharoah. Gigi imitated the soon-to-be first lady of United States, Melania Trump, and although the joke was met with laughter by the attendees of the show, Gigi faced some backlash later on when she had to apologize for taking things too far. Hey, at least she had the guts to make the joke and the sincerity to make an apology later.

Okay okay, getting back on track, how did the Hadid sisters measure up to one another in the world of Magazines? Well, Bella was featured on countless magazine covers around the world this year and although it would be difficult to list them all, some notable covers were Harper’s Bazaar Spain, Vogue Paris and British GQ. And of course, Gigi also graced the covers of Vogue internationally and even won the International Model of the Year Award!
… but seriously… can you imagine their frequent flyer miles?

As you can see, the powerful Hadid duo is dominating anything that has to do with Haute Couture, but we can’t forget to mention their influence in the beauty scene. Of course the sisters undoubtedly have flawless features that make makeup a mere tool rather than a necessity, which resulted in both of them leaving their mark in the world of cosmetics this year.

Gigi didn’t miss a single beat when it came to beauty, as she became the face of Maybelline last year, which meant that this year, we saw Gigi EVERYWHERE promoting everything from mascaras to liquid lipsticks, and even eyeliners.

Speaking of the fashion show, Bella made her debut this year as an angel, which earned her some major modeling points, however, if you’re wondering, VS alumn Gigi wasn’t the LEAST bit jealous:

So right now, I’m about to turn it over to you guys: Which Hadid sister do you think ruled 2016? Are you leaning more towards edgy brunette Bella, or bubbly blonde Gigi? Tell us who you think owned the supermodel scene by sharing your thoughts right down here in the comments. And for more sisterly moments, you can click right over here to check out a few celeb pairs you didn’t know were related. Thanks for checking in with me here on Clevver’s Best of 2016

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5 thoughts on “Gigi vs. Bella: Hadid Sister Who Ruled 2016

  1. I like Bella but 2016 was definitely Gigi’s year, I even got to know Bella
    thanks to Gigi , and the weeknd of course :v But Gigi is more commercial
    and her face is practically everywhere, she’s the most controversial when
    it comes to her walk and her relationship with the kardashians…I didn’t
    feel like her relationship with Zayn affected her fame in any way really,
    may be It’s just me because I4ve never been fan of Azyn or one direction
    before when he was a part of the band…so, I never paid attention to
    whoever he was with…I recently learned she was his girlfriend and it
    didn’t really change anything to me….I think she earned some of her fame
    own her own, I mean, she’s incredibly charming and cutesy so…. yeah

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