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Gigi Hadid Suffers Wardrobe MALFUNCTION On Runway At 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show went down last night and so did Gigi’s bra strap.
Buuuut it’s going to take a little more than a wardrobe malfunction to stop Gigi from slaying a runway
Gigi continues to dominate 2016, showing off her first pair of angel wings for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, France. Gigi’s enormous, black fuzzy wings perfectly matched her strappy black lingerie, and thigh high boots, giving her an ultra sexy glam look. She’s such a pro that you wouldn’t have even noticed a wardrobe malfunction throughout her walk down the runway. One of those many straps on Gigi’s corset totally came loose and flapped around, but leave it to Miss Hadid to handle the extra pressure with ease.
Her second look was definitely a little less stressful but still a whole lotta sexy. Gigi rocked red lacy lingerie with a colorful coat and again with the amazing thigh high boots for a seriousy boho-chic look. So despite a minor wardrobe mishap, it’s safe to say that the VS Fashion show was a major success for Gigi who celebrated at the after party with fellow model and sis, Bella. Between these two, we can bet the Hadid ladies had one proud mama in the audience.
Now it’s time for you all to weigh in and let me know your thoughts on Gigi’s runway looks and runaway corset. Leave it in the comments below and then click right here to get the latest edition of the Daily Hollywood Rundown and of course, subscribe, to get all the latest from Clevver. I’m your host, Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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7 thoughts on “Gigi Hadid Suffers Wardrobe MALFUNCTION On Runway At 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

    ANGELS?? like did you see Adriana’s outfit? She’s basically VS’s top angel
    and outfits sucked compared to there’s! Completely unfair! I’m a huge fan
    of Kengi, but I really do believe that they’re overly hyped. They do work
    hard, but honestly,there are more hard working, beautiful talented models
    with more symmetrical faces, better facial expressions, and better catwalks
    then girls like Gigi,Kendal,Bella,Haley, and even Cara who deserves these
    spots.(don’t get me wrong, Cara’s editorials and personality are all
    amazing, but her walk needs some work) and the better outfits should go to
    the angels! But thanks to these girls oh so rich and famous families, there
    families connections are what booked them this show, and is what got them
    all this hype that tbh, they don’t quite deserve. Like let’s be real here,
    let’s say Kendal and Gigi were not from famous families. Would they really
    be this famous? NO!! If these girls did not have money fame and connections
    I doubt they would have gotten booked to walk vs that fast(maybe after like
    5 years of attending cast call maybe Kendal would have) Tbh I doubt Gigi
    would even be a model! If a regular model with Gigi hadid’s measurements
    walked into a casting call, they would have been kicked out for “not being
    skinny enough”(I know Gigi’s not fat but that’s how the modeling world is u
    know) even top models like Blanca Padilla who is to be honest kind of more
    talented and experienced then Kengi has been being bashed about her
    measurements right now. (Even though they’re similar to Gigi) but for Gigi,
    DAUGHTER OF YOLANDA FOSTER!!! These girls are getting everything so soon
    not because of there talent and skill( which I honestly feel they lack of)
    but because of there connections! And I hate how last years vs all the
    attention was on kengi. Even this years. What about the actual angels? What
    about these other models who’ve worked a lot harder? The vs fashion show
    and the modeling industry used to be only for the best of the best of
    modeling, what its become has really upset me. It’s now become an Instagram
    social media fame contest. Kengi, i love you, your both beautiful, but ur
    way overhyped

    1. julia lourden exactly seriously they are getting attention bc of their
      families n it’s sad bc they can’t walk like a model especially bella so

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