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First Movie Clip of Beauty & The Beast’s Gaston Released & NEW Songs Unveiled

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All the feels! We’ve got your first movie clip of Gaston from the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film.
Get ready to relive your childhood crush on Gaston!
Luke Evans who plays Gaston in the upcoming Beauty and The Beast live action stopped by Good Morning America yesterday for Valentine’s Day! On GMA Luke debuted the first clip of Gaston and actor Josh Gad singing the famous song “Gaston” in the film.
While the “Gaston” song sounds true to the 1991 animated film version, the new movie actually incorporated new lyrics! Luke told Entertainment Weekly the filmmakers added a few new lines to the song. Luke also dished to GMA that it was incredibly fun to play a QUOTE “total idiot” everyday on set. But he wasn’t initially SOLD on playing the larger-than-life character Gaston.
And while Luke Evan’s Gaston sings a very familiar song from the Disney movie, there’s a brand new song coming to the live action film! Josh Groban sings never-heard-before song “Evermore”, and we think it will fit into the classic story JUST fine.
We don’t have to wait much longer you guys- the new Beauty and the Beast arrives in theaters March 17th. So the big questions are: what do you think of this first movie clip? And what are your thoughts on the new “Evermore” song? I’m your host Ryland Adams, I’ll see you next time!

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6 thoughts on “First Movie Clip of Beauty & The Beast’s Gaston Released & NEW Songs Unveiled

  1. In all honesty I hope they just raised the pitch for the GMA spot and that the pitch is back to normal by the time the movie comes out. I really really hope the pitch isn’t raised for the movie and it was just for the GMA clip.

  2. at my school our musical were doing is beauty and the beast and our opening night is the same night the opening day as the movie xD

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