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Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Gets ARRESTED For Weed In Airport?

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Look guys, we know weed isn’t quite legal in ALL 50 states yet, but Lauren was just tryna chill on her way to Brazil…

Fifth Harmony landed in Brazil last night one member short as Lauren Jauregui got held up at Dulles Airport in Washington DC last night all thanks to miss Mary Jane. According to TMZ, law enforcement sources claim that Lauren was stopped at a TSA checkpoint and was forced to undergo a secondary search, when a staff member found a small bag of marijuana in her carry-on luggage.

Although it was reported that Lauren was then almost immediately arrested in the terminal by cops, ultimately missing her flight to Brazil where she’s set to perform a show with Fifth Harmony tonight, a TMZ update reveals that Lauren’s attorney has denied that she was actually arrested, and instead says she was QUOTE “simply given a citation for possession of marijuana and released on her own recognizance.” Her attorney also revealed good news that the incident WILL NOT interfere with any concert dates.

Lauren has since broken her silence on Instagram this morning, but not about getting high in the sky, rather a very important message. She shared an informational photo regarding the tragic events occurring in Syria, while pleading for people to help the civilians in Aleppo. Many fans have also broken their silence as the hashtag ‘FreeLauren’ began trending on social media this morning, annnnd let’s just say Harmonizers seem to be more interested in Lauren’s mugshot than the actual crime itself.

Goes to show the fans’ unconditional support toward Lauren, and hey, that’s pretty ‘dope’… too soon? We’re just glad Lauren WILL be able to make it to Fifth Harmony’s show in Brazil tonight, but I want to hear from you guys: Do you think Lauren’s marijuana mishap was ‘worth it?’ Alright, aright, I’m done with the pot puns, but be sure to share your thoughts right down here in the comments and after that, speaking of Brazil, you can click right over here to watch us try out a few Brazilian candies on a brand new Cheat Day. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver news, I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi and I’ll see you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Gets ARRESTED For Weed In Airport?

  1. Weed? Pfff it’s worse to drink Coca Cola every day than a joint here and
    there. She has done so many great things and everyone looses their shait
    when she does something “bad”. Like chill people, it’s not like she rubs it
    on everyone’s face that she smokes like a million celebrities out there.
    She’s still the smart, classy, and just Lauren :)

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