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Fifth Harmony Plans To Reinvent Themselves COMPLETELY For Next Album

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Fifth Harmony dish about their next single and new album and we have the details right here.
you’re like me you are still rocking out to Thats My Girl and Work For Home that you didn’t even see a third album coming…but I’m not complaining.

The girls of fifth harmony told Digital Spy that they may release another single from their latest album and the song they want may surprise you!

Norman Kordei said

“I would say ‘No Way’ because it’s definitely a step away from who Fifth Harmony has been presented as before,
“It would be really cool to step out of ourselves, because it’s a more vulnerable side that you guys have not necessarily got an opportunity to see before. We’ve all massively connected with the song.
Artists certainly play a part in choosing singles, but record labels and management teams often have the final say so fingers crossed that they agree with the ladies. Because we normally see the girls as super woman all glammed up it would be nice to see a softer more vulnerable side of the girls too. and according to Normani NO WAY does just that she continued to say,

We’ve all massively connected with the song.
“It would be really cool to just be stripped down and raw and vulnerable. Like, no make-up, just us in our natural state.

Ally Brooke also spoke to digital spy about their new album saying
“I think the next album will probably be totally different,We’re still trying to figure that out right now, but we’re always going to make it next level.”

I love that the girls are still promoting 7/27 but also looking forward to their next move. #boss

Well it sounWhat are your thoughts about the girls getting more raw and real with their next single and possibly their next album dish it out in the comments and then make sure to click here to check out a new episode of Dirty Laundry. Thanks for hanging. I’m Jackie Iadonisi i’ll see you guys later.

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