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Fifth Harmony Goes VIRAL With The #BeThe5th Challenge & Camila Responds

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Ok, so there is NO audition, and there will be NO Camila replacement, BUT this whole ‘Be the Fifth’ challenge is giving us all the LIFE this morning.

As if Camila Cabello’s dramatic departure from Fifth Harmony wasn’t enough of a way to kick us when we were already down due to the monstrosity of a year that was 2016, the day the ‘new’ foursome posted their new band photo of, well, the new foursome just last week, and it was like ripping off a fresh band-aid on every square inch of our body.

And because nobody likes a little change, it didn’t take long until the internet began its own quest to fill in the missing puzzle piece that is the FIFTH member of Fifth Harmony. It all started with Ellen Degeneres, who photoshopped herself into the band’s new photo wearing a red tracksuit to match the girls’ aesthetic, with the hilarious caption QUOTE, “Looks like it’s just us now.”

Shockingly enough, even Camila Cabello approved of the replacement, poking fun at Ellen’s suggestion, writing back to her, “Man!! replaced so soon!! Ellen, you were always a better dancer than me anyway….” The rest of the Twittersphere clearly saw this as an opportunity to get crafty, starting up the #BeThe5thChallenge, as they began photoshopping potential candidates to become the fifth member of the group.

Many were very pleased to hear some potentials who made the cut, including Selena Gomez, Deadpool, Ariana Grande, Miranda Sings, Britney Spears and even the entire cast of High School Musical. Even Fifth Harmony got wind of the challenge, taking to Twitter to shed light on what could’ve been a touchy situation, writing, “The #BeThe5thChallenge is so good.”

One candidate even took the time to audition via live video recording during a recent interview, and I must say, his runs sound UNCANNY to Camila’s…

Ok so Ed Sheeran probbbbably won’t be filling in the missing hole, but if I may make a suggestion, I do know of ONE person who can sing much better than Ed, dance much better than Ellen, look great in a crop top, and work from home much better than, well, a lot of people.

That’s right, ME, Ryland Adams, reporting for duty… Yepppp, I can just see it now… the five of us would make the fiercest quintet, in my opinion, but on a much more serious note, I’m curious to know what you guys think of the #BeThe5thChallenge, and who else, besides me, you’d think would be perfect for the job, so get to talking right down here in the comments and after that, be sure to click right over here to check out a list of all the celebs who slayed in 2016 on Debatable. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Ryland Adams of Fifth Harmony and I’ll see you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Fifth Harmony Goes VIRAL With The #BeThe5th Challenge & Camila Responds

  1. recruiting a 5th prostitute.
    That’s what they ALL are. They are horrible performers, and their group
    came together like Velcro. it’s not built to last.

    North Korean

  2. if u read most of these comments u can see 5H may be going down hill.
    before Camila went solo there weren’t that much hat comments but now
    harmonizers are fighting and now truely expressing them self’s. at first
    everybody was like I have no favorites but now…..everything is
    collapsing…..even though Camila left at least show ur support against the
    other 4 they are trying to move on for us harmonizers…..I’m not saying
    all the comments were rude or bad just most of the ones I read and
    really……please no hate towards these girls they are all amazing in
    their OWN way……😁😶✌

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