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Fifth Harmony Cancels NHL All-Star Game Performance After Dinah Gets Sick

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Apparently being sick just isn’t a good excuse to cancel a performance anymore.
Hell hath no fury like a Harmonizer scorned by their favorite gals. Fifth Harmony abruptly cancelled their performance of the Star Spangled Banner at the NHL All-Star game on Sunday, January 29th and it got their Harmonizers all riled up. But before we get into reactions from the girl group’s fans, let’s talk about why the performance was cancelled in the first place.
According to a source at The Staples Center, they told TMZ that the girls were in the middle of preparing for their National Anthem performance at the game when Dinah Jane became physically ill and had to be checked on by paramedics at the venue. The source revealed that it was ultimately decided to not transport the singer to a hospital and that the four girls left the arena together.
Thankfully, a member of the LA Kings’ ice crew stepped in and sang the national anthem at the start of the game. However, because 5H’s cancellation was so abrupt and the replacement was so last minute that fans weren’t given a heads up and to say they were PISSED is an understatement.
One fan tweeted out QUOTE, ‘I’ve been watching this NHL shit for nothing?!?!?!?!’ While another responded to the NHL announcement of Dinah Jane’s sudden illness with the ‘catch me outside, how bow dah’ meme, another fan blatantly said they didn’t believe the “sick thing” and asked the girl group and NHL for the truth, and someone else called the girls out for pulling a Camila Cabello by saying QUOTE, ‘Fifth Harmony just Camila’ed the NHL All Star game.‘ Cold. Blooded.
Meanwhile, others decided to pun-it-up with song titles by tweeting, “Fifth Harmony missed the NHL all star game. Apparently they didn’t think it was…worth it.” Cool it with the jokes, you guys. Maybe the girls decided to not perform without Dinah Jane because they’re a solid group and that’s just how they roll…
Were you upset by this move by Fifth Harmony or do you think they’re in the clear because one of their members was sick? Let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News. Thanks for hanging with me, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see ya next time.

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5 thoughts on “Fifth Harmony Cancels NHL All-Star Game Performance After Dinah Gets Sick

  1. I love Dinah hope she’s better but they performed at there concert or on tv
    without cam or without ally or Dinah or normani or Lauren. well tv once for
    Lauren but many other times in concert performed without one person ….
    why couldn’t the three step it up and sing the national anthem they got
    amazing voices as well its like saying they can’t sing unless this persons
    there. cuz they can sing I can’t and like she’s the person in spotlight.
    again love Dinah love love her

  2. I’m a huge harmonizer and I don’t give a fuss that they didn’t perform.
    Their health comes first, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to perform at
    all. Idk why a bunch of people r butt hurt acting like it’s their last
    performance. There will be plenty of other performances.

  3. I’m not pissed that they backed out , I mean your health is first than
    anything else. I think the girls should’ve made a statement that they
    couldn’t perform because Dinah was sick just to give us a heads up but its
    all good. Feel better Dinah! 💕💗

  4. If these people were TRUE Harmonizers, they would be worried about Dinah’s
    health and how she’s feeling and not complaining about them not performing.
    Our poor DJ is sick and you’re just making her feel bad for something she’s
    not in control of. They need to chill ASAP. And I hope Dinah my babyyy
    feels better soon! ❤️💙💜

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