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Fifth Harmony Cancel MORE Tour Dates – Fans Demand Answers

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Fifth Harmony has officially pulled the plug on SIX more 7/27 tour dates after their first wave of cancelled US dates, and Harmonizers are demanding an explanation…
Is it a feud, is someone going solo, are you guys BREAKING UP?!… WHAT GIVES, 5H?! WE need answers stat!

After no explanation following Fifth Harmony’s four sudden cancelled US tour dates, Ticketmaster, along with one of the band’s update accounts on Twitter, have confirmed that six of the band’s European 7/27 tour stops have also been axed, including Berlin and Munich, Germany, Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland and Marseille, France, all of which were scheduled for October and November.

This marks 10 shows that the band would cancel thus far, also meaning that they will only be playing half of their scheduled shows in France and Germany this year. The Twitter account @FifthHarmonyWWS revealed that there was no explanation or reason for the cancellation so far, and Fifth Harmony have also yet to issue a statement on their reasoning for the decision to cancel the chunk of shows, but as long as the girls are staying silent, well, in comes the anger, questioning, and rumors from their beloved fan base.

Hundreds of Harmonizers have taken to Twitter to express their sadness in spending money on the tour only to find out through Ticketmaster that their show was cancelled. One wrote QUOTE, “I paid 500€ for coming to Zurich (given that you do not come to Italy) and now you canceled the show? WTF? @FifthHarmony #727EuropeTour” and another tweeted, “WHY DID THEY CANCEL MY DATE ?!!!! @FifthHarmony I WAS SUPPOSED TO SEE U GUYS ON OCTOBER 19TH IN GENEVA AND T SAYS ITS BEEN CANCELED?!!”

Many fans have also stated their disappointment in the band for not giving a statement of their own, as one user wrote, “It’s very unprofessional to not give an explanation about canceled shows,” while another user added, “I’m mad you not because you canceled the shows but because you didn’t give out any EXPLANATION.”

Rumors have also been swirling for quite some time about a feud going on between the group, and some fans are even anticipating a breakup faster than expected, saying QUOTE, “They just want to break up sooner. Fifth Harmony is SO over after this ‘7/27’ European tour,” which we hope doesn’t happen, but if there is one big hope for the band that fans do have, it would be this, as one fan shared, “before yall break up, leak all the unreleased songs.”

Well let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point any time soon, but for now, I want to hear all your thoughts, questions, and/or concerns you have for Fifth Harmony, and why you think they cancelled 10 shows so get to talking right down here in the comments section below, and right after that, don’t forget to click right over here to check out our new Weekly Show where we’re breakin’ down all the biggest breaking pop culture news. Thanks for checking in with me here on Clevver news, I’m your host Sarah Whittle and I’ll see you next time!

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5 thoughts on “Fifth Harmony Cancel MORE Tour Dates – Fans Demand Answers

  1. It really is disappointing that they’re cancelling all these shows. Fans
    pay so much for tickets and often travel a long way to come and see them
    live and often it may be one of the few few opportunities for them to see
    them and then they just cancel it. It’s easy for the band cause all of
    their trips are arranged for them but fans may have travel and
    accommodation booked in advance (such as the one travelling from Italy to
    Switzerland) and now that fan has lost all that money. It won’t matter for
    them cause they have a lot of fame and money but for fans they may be
    spending as much as a months wages on them. It’s just a shame that they
    can’t be as loyal as the fans.

  2. I think right now the girls are going through a lot right now. Some are
    breaking down and crying during the concert or even having anxiety. They
    will give an explanation and will probably reschedule those shows that were
    cancelled. I hope everything is okay with the group

  3. They are obviously really REALLY TIRED remember what happened to lauren she
    was really struggling to sing because maybe there voices are tired and they
    are tried and exhausted too, i guess is hard living in the road and also
    they are very young they are not used to this kind of demand!!!!!!!!!!

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