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Dove Cameron Channels Marilyn Monroe In SEXIEST Photo Shoot Yet For Galore Mag

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Dove Cameron transforms into a blonde bombshell in her newest Marilyn Monroe-inspired photo shoot for Galore Magazine, and the resemblance is truly uncanny.
Another day, another Disney Channel image officially shattered, but leave it to Dove to pull this off with so much class (and a little sass).

She’s taken Disney Channel by storm starring as Liv and Maddie in the hit series, but don’t let her good-girl persona fool you. The 21-year-old covers the newest tribute issues of Galore magazine, while channeling old Hollywood’s beloved bouncy blonde icon Marilyn Monroe.

In the issue, Dove features a new curly blonde bob and fashions a few sexy silk lingerie pieces, similar to the late actress, where she also gets candid about her Disney image, growing up in Hollywood and many misconceptions people have about her. She talks about her image and being mistaken for a child, or in her words, “a 16-year-old”. Although she reveals that she feels more confident with every passing year, Dove mentions that QUOTE, “I keep getting asked if I turned 16 so I don’t know what that means. I feel like I’m looking younger as I’m getting older. I love it. I mean I always felt like my age never matched with my insides. Now, I feel more comfortable in myself. I love growing older.”

Speaking of growing older, Dove shared many photos of herself from the shoot to Instagram with quotes by Marilyn Monroe, one being about embracing her unapologetic sexual nature, saying, “I don’t mind being burdened with being glamorous and sexual. Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour, although the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured. Not real glamour; it’s based on femininity.”

And we all know being a blonde already comes with enough stereotypes as it is, but Dove also reveals that a common misconception people toward her is that she’s ‘dumb’ or that it’s all an act she’s putting on. She says QUOTE, “I think a lot of people think I’m either unintelligent because I’m a very happy person and I have a lot of energy or that it’s a fake happiness like fake energy.”

However, she shares that she’s perfectly ok with the misconception, saying, “It’s a lot to handle and I’m a very emotional human being. May be a bit of a broad statement, but I don’t think there’s anyone that I’ve met that I haven’t created a bit of a deep relationship with. It’s a really lovely thing to create a relation with people that might not anticipate that closeness. And that’s kind of the light of my life, getting to be close to people.”

So you are now officially forewarned, any time you ever run into Dove Cameron, always wear a smile, don’t be afraid to say hi, and be sure to strike up a meaningful life chat. It’s that simple! But right now I want to know what you guys thought about Dove’s newest photo shoot, so share all your thoughts right down here in the comments, and after that, you can click right over here to check out Zendaya’s courageous interview on mental illness. Thanks for watching Clevver News, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe, I’m your host Meghan Lamontagne, and I’ll see you next time.

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