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Donald Trump Comparable To Fifty Shades of Grey? (Chat Show)

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Donald Trump is in hot water after audio leaked of him degrading women. Was it just “locker room talk” or actual sexual assault promotion?

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5 thoughts on “Donald Trump Comparable To Fifty Shades of Grey? (Chat Show)

  1. “Bill Clinton isn’t running for president!”
    lol He’s still going to be in the white house (again). He will still have a
    huge role with his wife as president. You seriously think he won’t be just
    as bad as Trump or worse? I am not ok with what Trump said but atleast what
    he plans to do in his seat is what I want. What i dont want is a president
    that makes decisions that gets so many people killed and didn’t care. That
    believes in abortion all the way up past its due date, until its born. That
    didn’t know that deleting thousands of emails when the FBI asked for them
    was wrong and sketchy as shit. That defended a rapist of a child. Who
    talked shit on woment that claimed of being raped by her husband, and so so
    much more. She has evil in her soul. I want someone that is going to put
    america first and Hilary talks more about helping the rest of the world
    before the people already here. I really think whoever wins this is the end
    of times or something. The antichrist is coming, because whoever wins I
    don’t trust them at all and they’re both fuck ups that have a potential or
    ruining this country.

  2. 20% of hillarys campaign has been funded by Saudi Arabia. Do y’all even
    know what Saudi does to women? What their laws and legal treatment of women
    and girls are? Are y’all brain wrecked?

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